Donald trump has only been President for nine months but citizens around the country are already calling for his impeachment. Trump has sparked headlines nearly every day since he was elected, using Twitter as a platform to voice his controversial opinions. The President is being accused of obstructing justice in multiple ways, including threatening to shut down news organizations. Now, Democratic-backer Tom Steyer has launched a campaign with the goal of impeaching Trump.

A $10 million campaign

On Friday, Steyer announced his "Need to Impeach" campaign.

The billionaire investor is urging citizens to call on their local congress members to impeach Trump. In a YouTube video posted on Friday, Steyer accused Trump of bringing the country to the "brink of nuclear war." Listing other things, like Trump's obstruction of justice in firing FBI agent James Comey, the investor said the "dangerous" President needs to be removed from office.

Steyer called Trump "mentally unstable" and says citizens should be worried about the state of the country. His YouTube video points users to his campaign's website which has a letter detailing exactly why the President should be impeached. In his letter, Steyer quotes Senator Bob Corker who said Trump is putting the United States “on the path to World War III.”

The letter urges U.S.

citizens to act now, calling this an "unprecedented moment" in which moral correctness is more important than politic correctness. Steyer's $10 Million campaign is airing on broadcast stations in both California and New York, as well as nationally on cable television.

The billionaire investor also claims to be purchasing online advertisement space.

He will apparently fill the internet with minute-long ads about his campaign, ensuring his call for impeachment is heard by the entire nation.

Not the first

Steyer's campaign calling for the President's impeachment is not the first. Last week, Larry Flynt published an ad for the same thing in the Washington Post. Flynt is most well-known for his magazine "Hustler," but wants to use his capital to remove Trump from office.

In last week's Sunday edition of the Washington Post, Flynt's ad offered $10 million to anyone with information that could be used to impeach Trump. The publisher admits that the process would be a "messy, contentious affair," but said that it's in the country's best interest.

Surprisingly, President Trump has yet to respond to either advertisement. He is currently facing a lot of controversy for his comments calling Congresswoman Frederica Wilson "wacky."