NASA has made public on the internet all sound recordings they created for any intelligent extraterrestrial life forms. Besides the greetings in 55 languages, a sample of everyday life and a collection of songs can be heard on these recordings meant for aliens.

40 years ago NASA has sent this message to aliens

In September 1977 NASA launched Voyager I in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Aboard there was a golden CD with a recorded message from people to aliens, writes and The recordings are a small intrusion into the life on Earth.

Here is what the record says.

Besides greetings spoken by a woman, there are printed sounds of daily life, such as wind or rain, a train and a car, monkeys, and elephants or the cries of a baby in her mother's arms. They also thought about music, and they created a large list with songs from Bach to Chuck Berry and Louis Armstrong, also passing through the Senegalese, Chinese and Peruvian musical cultures. Besides the attempt to provide a summary of humanity through sounds, there are also 116 pictures of symbolic places on Earth, the Solar System scheme and an explanation of our numerical system.

A code that anyone in the Universe could understand

Given that aliens would not know what to do with the registration, NASA added a set of instructions on the CD.

They have invented a code that they say anyone in the Universe could understand. They began by presenting the hydrogen atoms on the cover of the CD, the most known molecule in the Universe.

Researchers think that aliens don't have the technology needed to make the recording function. So they created a scheme with binary codes which define the speed the CD must be turned in order to operate correctly around an icon representing the CD.

Welcoming messages for aliens in multiple languages

At a speed of 3.6 seconds per rotation, the aliens will be able to hear the welcoming messages of humans in 54 different languages, and they would also be able to listen the urban sound and sounds from animals from Earth.

116 images show the Solar System, the Earth, and humans.

Another section explains how images can be viewed. A replica of the first images from the CD is depicted by an icon on the instruction guide.

The recording for aliens could survive a very long time in space

Researchers estimated that the records could survive a billion years in Space, but it is uncertain whether it will be brought back to Earth by another form of life.

In the following video, you can hear the sounds that NASA has recorded for alien life forms.