Tiger Woods received the news on Friday that he will get no jail time for reckless driving near his home in Jupiter, Florida on May 29, 2017 around 3 a.m. When he appeared in court, he offered a guilty plea which helped his case.

When police found the Golfer, he was asleep at the wheel and his Mercedes was still running in the right lane. He was disoriented and did not know where he was, where he had been, or where he was going. His speech was slurred.

It was later discovered that he had no alcohol in his system, but a toxicology test did indicate that he had five drugs that he was taking after having had four back surgeries in the last three years.

One surgery was in April, a month before the reckless driving. The five prescription drugs in his system were Vicadin, Xanax, Ambien, Dilaudid as well as THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. He said he did not know the side effects the mixture of the drugs would have on him.

In court

Woods cooperated in court when the judge asked him questions about the incident that led to his arrest last May and him being in court on Friday. The judge wanted to make sure the 41-year-old golfer understood what he was pleading guilty to. Tiger was asked if he was under any drugs then that would keep him from understanding what was happening. He said he was not taking any substances.

Wood's sentence

His sentence included agreeing to go through a 12-month probation diversionary program and paying a $250 fine.

Palm Beach County allowed him as a first-time DUI offender to enter the diversion program. That means he will get no jail time, and will not lose his driver’s license.

However, there was a short list of requirements that Tiger had to agree to. For instance, he must take a DUI course and complete 50 hours of community service.

During the probationary period, he will have to submit to random drug testing and is not allowed to drink alcohol. Woods also had to acknowledge that he understood that if he violates any of the requirements, he would be sent to jail for 90 days and would have to pay a $500 fine.

If the pro golfer abides by the all the conditions of his probation for one year, his DUI charges will be expunged from his record.

His family and friends are convinced that he will do all that he is supposed to do. They are offering their support to help him along the way.

Between the time Tiger was jailed last May and his sentencing on Friday, he has been trying to get his life back together. He went to an out-of-state rehab center that helped him manage his medications.