Someone in the US government is helping Puerto Rico, while Donald Trump entertains Twitter-land. Governor Andrew Cuomo traveled to the devastated island twice since hurricanes Maria and Irma annihilated the country. However, before he boarded a flight at John F. Kennedy Airport, he took time to blast the US President and his administration. According to a Democrat & Chronicle report, Cuomo, declared that it is the USA's responsibility to make sure Puerto Rico is more resilient and stronger.

Ex-Governor calls Trump insensitive

Meanwhile, the ex-governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla broke his silence on Twitter, after President Donald Trump's comment over the USA relief efforts on the Island.

Padilla took to the social media platform and slammed President Trump's praise of a "10," rating.

Recently, pictures circulated online showing surgeons performing surgery by the light of cell phones and flashlights a month after Hurricane Maria. The images went viral on the social platform after being retweeted by millions of Twitter users. Besides, retweeting the photos, several people expressed their outrage at the lack of help, even a month after hurricanes Maria and Irma destroyed the island.

Still no water or electricity

Some people were quick to point out that approximately 28% of the island has no running water and almost 90% is still without electricity. The US president is always ready to respond to critics on Twitter, and undoubtedly, he will react to Alejandro's tweet.

The ex-governor became irate after Trump praised himself for his humanitarian effort on October 19th.

Puerto Rico's former governor declared that the country's politicians should receive the praise for the incredible job they did without much help from President Donald Trump. He said the Puerto Rican administration worked to restore Puerto Rico.

Governor playing it safe with Trump

A week earlier, the US president tweeted that Washington couldn’t continue to help Puerto "forever." And within the same period, Governor Ricardo Rossello estimated the death toll had reached 48. Rossello lamented that even with the slow progression back to normalcy; there is always impending problems.

However, while the ex-governor blasted Donald Trump for his insensitive remarks, the governor cautiously avoided trashing the United States President. Meanwhile, Puerto Rico's Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz voiced her disapproval of Trump’s response to the disasters that ravished her homeland.

Cruz, in an interview with NBC said Trump's conduct is not conducive to a leader of the free world. Her response referenced the tweets he sent blaming Puerto Ricans for the problems the nation continues to experience.