Space scientists were astonished when they found an exoplanet tremendously far from its parent star. The planet called 2MASS J2126−8140 was first thought to be rogue, but later it turned out that it’s been orbiting a star which is a trillion kilometers (6.02 billion miles) away from it. Putting figures into context, that's around 6,900 times the distance between the Sun and Earth. The Light from the sun to Pluto reaches in 5 hours, whereas light to 2MASS J2126−8140 from its star takes four months to reach.

This is happening very far away from our solar system, but scientists suspect this cases might be possible here too.

Now the question is, Why space agencies couldn’t find it yet? Answering this, NASA said that in cases the Ninth Planet exists, it’s extremely far from the earth to be observed! The distance could be a minimum of 20 times further than the distance between the sun and Neptune.

It’s not related to Nibiru at all

Conspiracy theorist, David Meade claimed earlier this month that Planet X aka Nibiru will come to destroy humanity in mid-October. It doesn't seem to be happening so far and NASA has also opposed this prediction.

Nibiru has been blamed for a variety of things – strange events on Earth, days of darkness where the sun won't rise, and even the potential destruction of Earth.

NASA said, “Some confounding activities on the edge of our solar system are hinting that there’s something unnoticed and that could be the ninth planet of our solar system, but it's definitely not Nibiru.”

How did it come to attention?

Scientists noticed some unusual activities within our solar system. This all is happening beyond the last planet of our solar system which only hints that there’s a large body of gas causing this.

It's even "stretching out the orbits of some planets and might be tilting over our entire solar system." according to a recent report in the Independent UK. Scientists have suggested that in the long distant future it might even be responsible for destroying it.

Mike Brown, the professor of planetary astronomy, said in the Independent article that,“When we look at our solar system, we realize that most of the very distant objects beyond Neptune, beyond Pluto go around the sun and they are sort of pointing off in all different directions, but the most objects all swing out in one direction in a very strange way that shouldn’t be happening.

We realized that the only way we can get them to swing in one direction is if there’s a massive plant keeping them in place while they all go around the sun.”

Many other intellectuals have claimed this concept to be true. The instance of planet 2MASS J2126−8140 also supports this concept. However, the ninth planet is yet to be discovered and it’d take time to know the actual reason behind the unusual activities of distant objects.