It's no secret that Fox News has been a political safe space for Donald Trump and other Republicans for some time. Despite this, some hosts on the network appear to be getting fed up with how their colleagues have been handling their reporting, especially when it comes to the president and the media.

Wallace on Fox News

For the better part of the last 20 years, the Fox News Channel has been the number one cable news network in the United States. Known for its conservative-leaning politics, Republicans and those on the right of the political spectrum have stood by the network's side during that time.

Since Donald Trump announced his campaign for president, Fox News has taken an overwhelmingly partisan approach to their coverage, with many hosts not even hiding their full support for the former host of "The Apprentice." Sean Hannity, the hosts on "Fox & Friends," and others have been promoted by the president on his personal Twitter feed, with Trump claiming nearly all other networks and media outlets to be "fake news." While the majority of the names on Fox News have been pro-Trump, others have offered criticism. Shepard Smith has been the most consistent in holding the president's feet to the fire, though Chris Wallace has offered his fair share of criticism. During an interview with the Associated Press on October 20, Wallace decided to hit back at his own network for how they have handled their coverage of the president.

While speaking to the Associated Press earlier this week, Fox News host Chris Wallace opened up about the network and how some have reported on Donald Trump and the constant controversy surrounding the White House.

"It bothers me," Wallace said, before explaining that if they want to "say they like Trump," it's OK as long as it's done in the form of an opinion.

"I don’t like them bashing the media," Chris Wallace explained, while noting, "Oftentimes what they’re bashing is stuff that we on the news side are doing." "I don’t think they recognize that they have a role at Fox News," he continued.

"I don’t know what’s in their head. I just think it's bad form," Wallace concluded.

Moving forward

On Thursday night, Donald Trump took to social media to give a shout-out to Sean Hannity for his show on Fox News. "Big ratings getter @seanhannity and Apprentice Champion John Rich are right now going on stage in Las Vegas for #VegasStrong," Trump tweeted, while adding, "Great Show!" Trump's Twitter praise of the network is nothing new, but it's unlikely that he will be promoting Chris Wallace anytime soon.