The manufacturer of electric vehicles, Tesla, has made it possible to drive from Adelaide to Brisbane without the need of fuel because a big network of charging stations has been built along the way. The manufacturer of electric vehicles (EVs) has opened a station in Horsham, Victoria, and it has also opened stations in Clare Valley, Keith, and Adelaide which are located in South Australia. The company founded by Elon Musk is building a lot of facilities in the Down Under. The Aussie Car Industry has been hit by the crisis, so, Holden will close its last factory.

Could the EV be the beginning of a new vehicle industry in Australia? Some people have doubts, but others believe that the Down Under has a huge potential.


More than eighty Destination Chargers have been installed the last 4 months in Australia by Tesla, so, the total number has increased to 384. Among the latest additions, we can mention South Australia’s Barossa Pavilions and Deep Blue Hotel and Hot Springs in Victoria. They offer a great accommodation and coastal views according to a report by The Advertiser. The manufacturer of electric vehicles wants to double the size of charging sites in Oz this year, so, the EV company has an aggressive expansion policy in the Down Under.

Advanced technology

Supercharging supplies a quick charge that allows drivers travel big distances, which is great in a big country. This tech is more powerful than other ones. According to a report by The Advertiser, it provides 120 kilowatts of power and 270 km of range in half hour. The company founded by Musk already has 18 Supercharger stations in Oz, and 17 will be built soon.

This is ideal for a huge country where drivers have to travel long distances. The price of Tesla cars in the Down Under ranges from $70,000 to $300,000.

A new beginning?

According to a report by ABC, Holden will close its last car factory in Australia because mass-production in that country has never been successful. Some specialists believe that the electric vehicle could be a new beginning for the Aussie car industry.

Australia has a skilled workforce and a huge amount of natural resources that could help develop the Electric Vehicle industry according to a report by ABC. Tesla has hired some workers from Holden because the California-based company knows that they are very skilled workers.


Some people have doubts about a thriving EV industry in Oz, they state that each year more than 1 million vehicles are sold in the local market, but just 2,000 are electric vehicles. They also believe that the government should help more, as happens in Norway. That European nation has a very high percentage of electric vehicles on the roads. In spite of the challenges, Tesla keeps building more facilities in Australia and it could be the beginning of a new era.