Tesla cars aren't common on the U.S. roads today but its population will multiply by three until 2019, which will be a challenge for the charging infrastructure of the car company that will have to satisfy the needs of the customers. This impressive growth will fuel the price of its stocks, the shares of the company founded by Elon Musk have already increased 63 percent this year. Adam Jonas, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, stated that the population of Tesla vehicles will reach almost 300,000 units this year and jump to more than 530,000 units in 2018.

But this is just the beginning, there will be 32 million Tesla vehicles in 2040 which will change completely the way we live and will create great opportunities for investors and shareholders.

Improving the charging service

This huge population of Tesla cars will need a great charging infrastructure, so, the company has to expand this network in cities and urban areas to give a good service. There are customers who have complained about the slow and rude service at some stations, so, the company is working aggressively to meet the rising demand. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has stated that he will address this problem according to a report by CNBC. The stations run by contractors are the ones with the biggest number of complaints by the users.

Tesla will double the number of Superchargers this year and a short time ago inaugurated its first ''city center'' supercharger stations in Boston and Chicago.

The Model 3

Each company has an icon, and the symbol for Tesla could be the Model 3 because it has revitalized its sales. According to a report by Bloomberg, Adam Jonas states that the Model 3 will be the main factor that will increase the revenues of Tesla by three until 2019.

Tesla will be able to get huge amounts of data from its vehicles on the roads, so, they will make the company able to compete in the areas of mobility services and autonomous driving.

How far can the price of the stock go?

The stocks of a company reflect the economic and financial situation that a company is living, if Tesla keeps growing fast, its stock price could reach unimaginable levels.

The price of its stock has already increased 63 percent this year and it could be even better in the future. The manufacturer of electric vehicles has been bleeding financially according to a report by Seeking Alpha, but it could change once that sales become massive and the production costs fall. Tesla could be able to earn profits and this will increase exponentially the value of its stock.