Tesla is a famous company that builds electric vehicles (EVs), and it wants to make them accessible to a great number of consumers. The main challenge of the company founded by Elon Musk is to reduce the production cost of each EV and make the company profitable. According to a report by Automotive News, Tesla hasn't made a profit in almost a decade. The innovations by Tesla will have a huge impact on a lot of issues such as the way we live, the economic growth of nations, and more. Tesla could give the American Car Industry a huge technological advantage over its competitors.

For many years the Japanese car firms have humiliated companies like GM, Ford, and others. The US auto industry could revenge if Tesla is backed by the government. Besides, financing the EV company could be better for the American security than investing a lot of money in the military.

A history of pain

For many decades, powerful American Car Companies like General Motors and Ford were victims of the Japanese car industry. The Asian companies have invaded the US market and made the local companies lose positions. Other Asian countries joined the fierce battle against American firms, so, it's no secret that the US has been affected by this. According to a report by the Standard-Examiner, the American manufacturers and Detroit were hit for many decades by Toyota.

Tesla could change this completely by creating a new type of vehicles where the United States would have the leading position.

Tesla must become profitable

Manufacturing an electric vehicle isn't too difficult, the main challenge is producing one electric vehicle at competitive prices. Tesla has been bleeding a lot of money the last years because the production cost is too high, but the EV company has been backed by the investors.

They have funded the development of this company, but I think that the US government should involve in this and assign big sums of money to Tesla. If America increases its lead in EV technology over other nations, the United States will be able to invade other markets with its EVs, or at least protect the local market.

The US military budget vs Tesla

America would be able to weaken other nations by increasing the EV production exponentially. The price of oil would fall drastically and it would hurt the economies of Russia and many Arab nations. It would be good for America, and it would be a blessing for Israel and Western Europe too. The American military budget is about $700 billion according to the Press Herald, which is a huge amount of money. Instead of spending huge amounts of money in the military, the United States should assign a fraction of that budget to Tesla and help the company expand its production. Can you imagine what would happen if the government assigns Tesla $20 billion per year? The massification of the EVs would take place much earlier than expected, and it would be accompanied by many benefits.