nuclear war can break out at any moment,” said the Deputy Ambassador of North Korea to the United of Nations on Tuesday. He stated that North Korea has reached the touch-and-go point in the midst of the crisis in the Korean Peninsula and that his country has plans to conduct more tests.

During the United Nations’ general assembly, Kim In Ryong told the disarmament committee that North Korea is the only country that has been under nuclear threat from the United States, which he described to be extreme and direct.” He said that his country has every right to defend itself by possessing the nuclear weapons.

North Korea had conducted several nuclear tests this year and had launched its intercontinental ballistic missiles, which subjected them to international economic sanctions. On Wednesday, diplomats from allied countries of the United States-- South Korea and Japan, held a meeting and talked about how to handle the continuing nuclear weapons program of North Korea.

Diplomatic resolution

Diplomacy is still considered by the State Department as the primary resolution to its nuclear problems with North Korea, supported with pressures and sanctions, said the US Undersecretary of State, John Sullivan. He emphasized, however, that when diplomacy fails, the US together with its allies must prepare for the worst and be ready to respond to any eventuality of inevitable nature of the Pyongyang’s regime.

Moreover, the European Union made an announcement on Monday regarding its pressure to North Korea which includes the complete ban on EU investment following the latter’s nuclear weapon and ballistic missile launches. In the like manner, the UN Security Council sanctions will be implemented in Russia, as its President Vladimir Putin signed the decree to implement such.

Military drills

A week of military drills of the United States and South Korea has started on Monday. In a statement of the Navy, they said that the joint military drills which involve fighter jets, submarines, and other naval vessels are intended to train how to detect and neutralize water mines to secure the navigation routes in the sea.

Kim In Ryong cleared out that nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles will not be used against any other country as long as they will not participate in the military actions of the US. He further said that unless the nuclear threats of the US are not exterminated, his country will not lay down their nuclear weapons on the negotiation table.