Malik Vincent Murphy stabbed his younger siblings to death, according to Colorado law officials. The 19-year-old teenager said he murdered his siblings Noah, 7, and Sophia, 5, so that he could have more space in the family's home.

Colorado teen stabbed his father, brother, and sister

PEOPLE magazine affirms that Murphy now faces first-degree murder charges for both deaths. Police officers called to the home reported that they found the two children and their father with stab wounds. Emergency workers at the crime scene transported the victims to a nearby hospital where both youngsters were pronounced dead.

Meanwhile, medical staff reported that the injuries sustained by the father were not life-threatening.

Sophia attended a nearby kindergarten, and her older sibling, Noah, was enrolled at Colorado Springs’ Edison Elementary School. He was in the first grade. Murphy is a student at Pikes Peak Community College.

Lieutenant. Howard Black of the Colorado Springs police department described the horrific crime scene to PEOPLE. Black stated that the emergency team worked hard to save the children, but their efforts were unsuccessful. According, to the Lieutenant, the tragedy has affected everyone in Colorado Springs. He said citizens are trying to cope with the tragic incident that took the lives of two of the neighborhood's children.

The teenager was arrested and held at the El Paso County Jail without bail, and assigned a court-appointed attorney, who will represent in court on October, 27.

Teenager on suicide watch after killing his siblings

Officers revealed that the accused might face three separate charges. He will be charged for the wounds inflicted on his father, in addition to two charges of first-degree murder in the fatal stabbing of the younger children.

A report by the Colorado Springs Gazette revealed that on Wednesday he appeared before a judge via a video camera. The accused wore a pair of handcuffs and a thickly padded garment, identified as a suicide smock.

Investigators said based on their investigation; the young man had purchased the knife a few months earlier. Murphy told the detectives that he had planned to murder his entire family and bury their bodies in the backyard. On Tuesday, he did just that, he carried out his premeditated plan on his father, younger brother, and sister. But he will not inherit the home for himself.