Security Guard Jesus Campos was shot by Stephen Paddock, around 10:05 PM, shortly after the deadly rampage started at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Campos was shot when he entered Paddock's room, after reporting hearing gunshots. However, since the deadly incident, where he was described as a hero, the security guard has disappeared. This has raised suspicion. His sudden departures just before scheduled TV interviews raised several questions.

While speculations continue to swirl, on Tuesday, the MGM brand issued a statement on Campos’ behalf.

The owner of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino reported that they are aware of his location. The company also stated that he would tell his story at a later date.

The massacre that occurred in Las Vegas was the deadliest mass shooting in America's history. 58 people lost their lives in the attack that baffled investigators, who are trying to find a motive.

The killer had enough weapons to start a war

Nothing seemed unusual about the 64-year-old man in the hotel suite where the staff had free access. Reportedly, there were no suspicious activities, even though the individual in the room had enough weaponry to start a small war. But, later that night, as patrons enjoyed the country music concert Stephen Paddock launched the horrendous attack from the 32nd floor.

The horrific tragedy began around 10 PM on October 1, 2017, and lasted for about 11 minutes. 58 people lost their lives tragically, and more than 500 injured individuals received emergency care at the local hospital.

Las Vegas officials revealed that the gunman watched the crowd through mounted cameras. Reportedly, hidden cameras were in the hallway by his suite, along with an extra camera in the door's peephole.

A service cart was also used to conceal another surveillance camera.

Paddock released many rounds on the unsuspecting crowd as the security forces scrambled to end the carnage. Law officials reported that he killed himself before the officers could apprehend him. Las Vegas investigators said based on their knowledge; the murderer acted alone.

Paddock wired large sum of money to his lover

From Paddock’s hotel room, police recovered 23 guns inclusive of two AR-15-type rifles. It was also reported that one of the weapons had a magnifying scope and a Bipod. At another home in Mesquite, Nevada, investigators recovered 19 more guns. Ammonium nitrate, a chemical used in bomb-making was found at the property.

Detectives stated that at another property, they recovered five handguns and two shotguns. Paddock's Filipino girlfriend, who is also an Australian citizen, was questioned by the investigators. Reportedly, his girlfriend, Marilou Danley had left the USA a week before the deadly incident. According, to law officials, Stephen Paddock had wired approximately $100,000.00 overseas to Danley. The Las Vegas police department reported that he was involved in high stake gambling, and his finances are now under investigation.