A Mother from Atlanta is facing murder charges after allegedly placing two of her three young children in the Oven and turning it on. The arrest warrant for Lamora Williams, 24, indicates she put the two boys, aged 1 and 2-years old, "into the oven and turned it on." While police aren't releasing the cause of death, they did say the children had injuries including burns.

The third child was found in the home when police arrived - a 3-year-old boy who was unharmed. Neighbors speculated that the children's death had to do with the oven when they witnessed the police removing the appliance.

The speculation about that oven was correct as the arrest warrant states that she is accused of killing the boys "by placing them in an oven and turning it on," according to Fox News today.

Smelled like death

WSB-TV Atlanta reports, "Police told us their brother, Jameel Penn Jr., saw his mother allegedly kill his brothers." Neighbors told reporters that the apartment "smelled like death," which police say is an indication the bodies may have been there a few days.

The initial reports of the boys' deaths, came from officers at the scene on Friday night and while they did not indicate the children were placed in the oven, they did say the toddlers had burns on their bodies. The report also indicated they had other injuries as well.

Lied to police

Williams initially told the police that she left the kids with a relative watching them, but she came home to find the two boys dead and the relative was gone. Police did not believe her story. The father of the children made the initial 911 call reporting something was wrong. Williams had called him for a video chat on Friday night, telling him his children were dead.

He said he could see the boys on the floor behind Williams when she panned the room with her phone. He called the police.

Tabitha Hollingsworth, who is the sister of Williams, believes her sister needs to be on suicide watch while incarcerated.

Williams was taken into custody on Friday. She waived a court appearance on Monday and was denied bail. She remains incarcerated on charges of two counts of murder.

Mother fell through the cracks

Williams suffers from an undiagnosed mental illness, which was exasperated after the death of her father when she was 19. Williams was a single mother of three kids, all under the age of three, which also adds more stress to her mental health issues.

She had just quit a job after having babysitter issues, according to Neesa Smith, who is a friend of Williams. Before Williams made the video call to the father of her children she called Smith to say that she couldn't do it anymore. Smith said, "nobody knew what she was going through."

Williams sister said that she suffered from mental health issues even as a child.

When her mother recognized this she sought help for her daughter, but she couldn't get any help from the state. She said that no one listened to her mother as she pleaded to get help for a young Williams at the time.

The teachers would say that something was wrong with Lamora, but when they'd seek help no help was given. Hollingsworth said, "Teachers would say something was wrong, but the state said nothing was wrong. This is something the state didn't recognize. The whole state really failed us. She's the only one who really knows what happened"

Suicide watch

William's mother, Breanda, told reporters that she had just come from visiting her daughter in jail. She said that her daughter had suffered from mental health issues all her life.

She also said, "I just came from the jail, I also let them know, to put her on suicide watch because she's gonna kill herself."

Reports indicate that Williams put the boys in the oven sometime between midnight EDT on Thursday and 11 p.m. EDT Friday. The boys were identified by police as 2-year-old Ke Yonte Penn and 1-year-old Ja Kater Williams.

Father saw video of boys dead

According to reports, their father, Jameel Penn, was separated from Williams but he would see his three sons on the weekend. He told reporters that now he has only one son left, who is his namesake. He will be holding on tight to that son, he said. He is a father who helped with the kids, said Williams' family and friends. But they also said it wasn't enough for this single mother of three with mental health problems.

Penn said that what he saw on that video call that Williams made to him on Friday night was like something out of a horror movie. The father of the deceased children said:

"It was like a real horror movie. It was Friday the 13th. When I saw my kid, how I saw my kid, that's when I knew what was going on. I ain't got no soul no more."