An unnamed student at Tennessee State University in Nashville couldn’t understand why she was always ill. She kept getting stomach pains, was losing weight, and was suffering from diarrhea. She felt like she had no appetite. After this went on for several weeks, she finally solved the mystery. According to a report by News Channel 5, she spotted her roommate’s story on Snapchat, which revealed said roommate had been replacing the water in her water bottles with water from the toilet.

Student makes discovery on roommate’s Snapchat story

As reported by WKRN, after discovering her roommate had allegedly been filling her water bottle from the toilet, she reported Tierni Williams to the Nashville, Tenn.

police on October 5. Williams was charged Tuesday with a felony crime for adulterating food or liquid with bodily injury. If Williams is convicted, she could be looking at anything between three and six years behind bars.

Police said Williams and the unnamed student shared a room in the residence hall at Tennessee State University. WZTV quotes an affidavit as saying Williams had used a Styrofoam cup to scoop water from the toilet, and then poured it into her roommate’s water bottle. Her actions were reportedly captured on video which she shared on social media, saying her prank was “nasty” and that her roommate was going to get sick from this.

Toilet water could be responsible for student’s illness

According to one local doctor, it is entirely likely that it was the toilet water that made the student so ill. Dr. William Schaffner is the Infectious Disease Director at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center and he spoke to News Channel 5. He said while the water is municipal water that goes into the toilet very clean, when the toilet is flushed it doesn’t remove everything and residual viruses and bacteria can be left behind in the bowl.

Dr. Schaffner did say he thought it would be more “yucky” than seriously harmful to the student. However, he went on to say there is a possibility that the toilet water could lead to the type of infection that would cause diarrhea.

Meanwhile, Tennessee State University issued a statement on Wednesday afternoon saying that under federal and state privacy laws, they are not allowed to comment on the situation involving their student, Tierni Williams.

However, they did say, generally, that students engaging in illegal conduct are subject to the student disciplinary process of the University, including sanctions which range from suspension to expulsion from the university. Williams is in jail on a $7,500 bond and the court date has not been set.