Travis Boys, the man accused of the murder of new orleans Police officer Daryle Holloway in 2015 halted the Jury Selection for his trial on Wednesday afternoon when he defecated on a napkin and rubbed feces over his head and face. This came after Boys returned to the courtroom from a break in the restroom.

The spectators' reaction

According to criminal defense attorney David Belfield who witnessed the scene, potential jurors and everyone else in the courtroom were apparently shocked and horrified when Boys pulled out tissue paper with feces and went on to wipe it all over his head, face, and mouth.

Criminal District Court Judge Karen Herman halted the jury selection and dismissed all the potential jurors in the case except for a group that was in her chamber when the incident happened. Herman scheduled a mental competency hearing for Boys on Thursday morning.

Putting on act for the jurors?

Belfield said that he thinks the actions of Boys were calculated as an act for the jurors and proves that he is competent to stand trial. During the arraignment, Boys entered a dual plea of guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity. Although he had previously been found competent, he will again be subjected to a mental competency hearing on Thursday.

Before the jury selection proceedings began, Boys' legal counsel asked Herman to order medical treatment for a supposed infection in one of Boys' eyes.

After the treatment, the potential jurors were asked if they had knowledge of New Orleans Police officer Holloway, and if they could decide the case fairly. The jury selection went on as usual until the incident.

Boys' attorneys are looking to convince the jury that the accused was insane when he shot officer Holloway dead.

Herman said said that doctors must declare that Boys was not capable of knowing the difference between right and wrong when the shooting incident happened.

The charge against Boys

Boys is facing a charge of first-degree murder for shooting New Orleans Police officer Daryle Holloway. Boys was being transported to jail in Holloway's SUV when Boys shot the officer dead.

He then escaped and remained at large for 24 hours before New Orleans police captured him in a hot pursuit operation. The charge against Boys could carry the death penalty, but the prosecutors have stated that they will seek a life sentence instead.

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