Daphne Caruana Galizia, a journalist in Malta, 53 years of age, died on Monday from an explosion of a bomb planted in her car. Galizia was both a regular columnist for The Malta Independent and a writer of her own blog, “Running Commentary.” She had led the investigation into the Panama Papers and alleged corruption in the government in Malta. Only a few minutes before was blown up in her car, she posted on her blog stating that “there are crooks everywhere you look now. The situation is desperate.” Her last blog hinted at Maltese politicians.

On Tuesday, the son of Daphne, Matthew Caruana Galizia, took his grief to social media describing how he ran toward his mother’s car after he heard the explosion.

He said that his mother was assassinated because she stood by the rule of law against those who violate it.

Prime Minister Muscat condemned the assassination of the journalist and has proposed a one million euro reward to find the suspects.

Investigative Journalist

Prior to her death, Galizia was working on an expose which involved the Prime Minister and a company offshore. Allegedly, the company is owned by the Prime Minister himself and his wife, Michelle. Galizia accused them of receiving money from Azerbaijan and keeping the same in their offshore accounts in Panama. The couple denied the allegations. Following the allegations, the Prime Minister called for an early election four months ago, in which he won his second term.

Police authorities said that two weeks before her death, Galizia filed a police report regarding the threats she had been receiving.

Her colleagues in journalism saw her as a fearless woman who played an important role in their community exposing the corruption within the government, tax abuses, businesses used to launder money, and problems with the justice system in Malta.

Journalists gathered in Valletta on Monday to show their solidarity and condemnation of the barbaric act that put an end to the life of Caruana Galicia.

Refusal of endorsement

The Sons of Daphne Caruana Galizia refused to endorse a one million euro reward offered by the Maltese Government. On Thursday, in a Facebook post, Matthew Galizia and his two other brothers, Andrew and Paul, stated that the Prime Minister will only get their endorsement if he will “show political responsibility and resign.” They further added that before the Prime Minister’s resignation, they want a replacement of the Police Commissioner and Attorney General with public servants who are not biased.