Even though the United States has taken strong action to deter North Korea from testing missiles and nuclear bombs, there is little progress yet on talks. The measures taken by the US will have a strong impact on the economy of N Korea. The consequences of a missile or bomb testing can be disastrous for North Korea.

Can N Korea withstand US pressure?

There is strong action being taken against North Korea by the United States. Every country with diplomatic ties has been asked to sever links with North Korea. According to Washinton Post, the objective is to increase embargoes against every North Korean firm, government entity, or even individuals.

Economic relations with foreign countries are targeted during diplomatic discussions. Every diplomatic tie is being used to increase pressure on North Korea. Hackers in military spy agency have been aimed at by the Cyber Command in the United States.

What the sanctions can do

The impact of these measures is likely to be substantial. It is a Matter Of Time before North Korea rushes to the negotiating table. The measures taken by the United States will reduce the exports/imports, lessen production, and decrease the income of people in N Korea. There will be a widespread shortage of food and fuel. Also, the cost incurred on missile testing, and nuclear bomb making will enervate the N Korean economy.

It is a matter of time before N Korea succumbs to pressure and agrees to negotiate with the global community. It cannot remain in international isolation for long.

What can N Korean actions lead to?

North Korea threatens the world with missile and nuclear attacks. It has alienated the country from its neighbors. If it launches any military misadventure the consequences can be disastrous.

Remember, N Korea is threatening a nuclear war. Such a war can lead to a large number of deaths, injuries, and damage to buildings from the heat and blast of the explosion. There can be large-scale radiological damage even after the attack. At the least, there can be destroyed from the shockwave, disruption of telecommunications, and energy availability.

Specifically, it means that buildings will crack and fall, water lines will break, and tunnels will collapse. The explosion will crumple bridges and electromagnetic pulse will devastate electronic equipment.

The consequences will be devastating. N Korea should focus on the consequences of its actions before it continues its saber-rattling.