Tensions between the American government and North Korea went up a notch after the North's Foreign Minister said that Donald Trump had ignited the "wick of war" between the two nuclear powers. According to The Independent and the CNN, minister Ri Yong Ho threatened the American government, promising that it would pay with a "hail of fire" for its actions towards President Kim Jong-un's authority.

Trump has made provocative comments

Quoting Russian news agency TASS, The Independent reported that the North Korean official said that Trump's "bellicose and insane" comments during his recent speech to the United Nations lit the wick of war against Pyongyang.

In recent months, Trump and Kim Jong-un have traded bitter words with Trump describing Kim Jong-Un as the "rocket man," due to the latter's missile tests and his efforts to manufacture nuclear weapons. The US and its allies tried to thwart the North's rapidly growing nuclear and ballistic weapons program with little success. Despite the United Nations imposing crippling economic sanctions on it, Pyongyang has remained stubborn in its ambitions to become a nuclear power. According to TASS, Yong Ho reportedly added that his country would settle the final score with its American adversary "only with a hail of fire, not words."

Trump's warning to North Korea

In September during his speech to the United Nations General Assembly, Trump, his usual controversial fashion, stated that the United States would annihilate North Korea should it be obliged to defend itself or its allies.

The Republican added that while his administration has vast reserves of strength and patience, it could soon run out of patience with the reclusive Communist state. The US leader's comments came after the UN Security Council voted overwhelmingly to strengthen sanctions. The UN moved to impose sanctions on the North after it conducted it's sixth and largest nuclear weapons test.

North Korea has also held several other weapons tests this year, in addition to threats that it would attack the United States territory of Guam.

Last month, an official for Pyongyang's Foreign Ministry said that that the more sanctions the American government and its allies slap on it, the faster President Kim's authority would work in its efforts to develop nuclear weapons.

Previously, the North Korean foreign minister has referred to Trump as "President Evil." In his latest speech, Mr. Ri claimed that North Korea is on the last leg of its journey to achieve a balance of power with the United States.