Japan and the whole world knows the extent of devastation that can result from a nuclear bomb and is wary of North Korea as it continues to develop its nuclear weapons in defiance of UN sanctions. It is difficult for Japan to erase the Hiroshima experience of WWII from its memory. Therefore, in view of the threat, it has taken action to warn its citizens and issue instructions about what they should do in case the threat of a nuclear attack becomes a reality.

Necessary procedures have been communicated to the people via television and Japan urges everyone to take action to ensure safety and increase their chances of survival.

These procedures have been described in a short video and it is expected that the message will help citizens to be ready to tackle the situation when everyone will have to fend for themselves.

Why the urgency?

Daily Mail UK reports that the broadcast was necessary in view of the volatile situation in the Korean peninsula and deteriorating relations between North Korea and the United States. The safety advice will be transmitted from television stations across Japan and will continue for a number of days. The instructions will also be passed on to the public through print media so that no one is ignorant about the line of action.

It was explained that the reaction time available would be only a few minutes from the moment North Korea launches a nuclear attack.

In large cities like Tokyo, people have been advised to rush to underground shelters or go into strong concrete buildings for safety in the worst case scenario. Obviously, every citizen must be ready at all times to keep themselves safe.

The Daily Mail also pointed out that"there has been a spike in demand for home nuclear bunkers."

Pyongyang in an aggressive mood.

North Korea has issued the threat of a nuclear attack on U.S.

allies in the region through newspapers and cautioned Japan which is a major ally of America. It is obvious that the threat is directed towards the United States.

The frequency of missile testing is on the increase and last month there were three of them. Fortunately, they did not reach Japan but fell into waters near the Japanese coast.

America already has its warships in the region and is believed to be monitoring the activities of North Korea on a continual basis. This is because the country is reported to be improving the performance of its missiles and wants to strike mainland America with an ICBM.