In the middle of all the devastation of the wildfire in Santa Rosa, one piece of good news has come out. When a family was forced to evacuate their home, their Bernese mountain dog got away from them. The family had to leave, or risk their own lives, but later the dog was found, Safe And Sound.

Family flees from their home leaving the dog behind

As the wildfire hit Santa Rosa, the Weaver family was forced to leave their home. The Associated Press reports that Katherine Weaver was in her nightgown at the time of their emergency evacuation, but there no time to waste.

Leaving everything behind, the family fled from their home, but in their panic, Izzy, their four-year-old Bernese mountain dog, somehow got away from them. There was no time to look for her as the ferocious flames spread in the area, so they had to leave.

Their daughter, Beckyjean Widen, wrote in a Facebook post that the family had to drive through the flames and even crossed a burning bridge on their way to safety. The fire took everything from them, but to Katherine, the thought of losing Izzy, the Family Dog, was the worst of all.

Son goes back to the house looking for Izzy

On Tuesday, Katherine’s son Jack and her son-in-law Patrick Widen thought it would be a good idea to return to the house, just in case, by some miracle, Izzy had survived.

As they drove up, police officers turned them away, but according to the post, neither of them likes to take “no” for an answer. The two men hiked slightly under three miles to the Weaver home. Beckyjean included a video with her post, which she notes is a little long, but she says the ending is well worth waiting for.

Initially, Jack swore out loud on seeing the family home had been razed by the wildfire, however, he exclaims over the fact that their vineyard had survived the fire.

Then he notices that the tractor is also fine. Seconds later, sheer joy can be heard in his voice, as he cries out, “Izzy’s here!” Both men exclaim with joy, saying “Oh my God!” as Izzy runs up to them.

Jack told the Associated Press that the family dog was equally happy to see them, adding that she is a very brave dog.

While she was panting and clearly in stress, he said she wasn’t frantic. He said even with the bad cellphone service at the time, Jack managed to contact his mother, who apparently “lost it.” Katherine went from devastation over the loss of her home to the wildfire to being the happiest person he has ever seen. He rushed Izzy to his mother at his own home and even though she was still shaken up by the whole experience, she felt much better to see that Izzy was safe and sound.

Family’s spirits lifted by the return of the family dog

Jack told MNN that Izzy was fine and didn’t have a single burn. He said the veterinarian figured her thick coat protected her from the flames. He added that finding the family dog really lifted his family’s spirits.

Readers can watch the magic moment in the Facebook post below.