Following the devastating Harry Weinstein sexual harassment revelation, it seems a new predator has joined the melee. And now James Toback's sexual misconduct takes the spotlight. There are a growing number of people calling out the movie director for sexual harassment. Among them is well-known actress Julianne Moore, who tweeted about her experience with Toback.

The accused Hollywood movie director vehemently denied the accusations on Friday. Toback blasted the allegations as false in an interview with the Rolling Stone.

James Toback hits with sexual harassment

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, Julianne Moore tweeted that James Toback approached her to audition for one of his films, but she would have to go to his apartment to try out for the role. Moore said she refused his offer, but a month later he approached her again. The actress said she also declined the second offer. And since the scandal broke several other women revealed that Toback used the same line with them.

The accused movie mogul credits includes the screenplay of Bugsy. He adds to the list of well-established film producers cast as sexual predators. Hollywood's latest sex scandals reignited the debate about the position of working women in Hollywood and other industries across the US.

Toback and Weinstein's sexual harassment

Since the story aired, 38 women came forward accusing Toback of indecent advances. And another 200 women have reported similar experiences with other high profile sex predators. Many people have now revealed stories of Sexual Harassment and intimidation in the workplaces across the United States.

The renowned director stated that he might have briefly met the women, but had no recollection of making any sexual advances toward them. Toback also claimed he has a heart condition as well as diabetes for more than two decades, and according to him, he is incapable of sexual activity.

Sex for movie role the norm in Hollywood

Adrienne LaValley revealed that in 2008, the director made her understand that sexual favors in exchange for work were the norm in Hollywood.

Several leading Hollywood actresses like Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Lupita Nyong’o have reported sexual advances by some of the industry highest-profile movie directors. Also, Moore said Weinstein had offered her a leading part in a television series he produced, but she refused the role.