Harvey Weinstein shook the mighty pillars of the film industry and almost toppled the empire to the ground. However, Weinstein's sex scandal is only a part of the problem as other Hollywood stars reported that it is a widespread issue that usually gets covered under the proverbial rug. Several well-known celebrities have weighed in on Hollywood's hottest scandal, along with actors Matt Damon and george clooney.

Actors weighed in on the Harvey Weinstein saga

Matt Damon, in an interview with Michael Strahan of ABC News, said the shenanigans of the renowned producer came as a surprise to him.

However, Damon admits that he knew Weinstein was a womanizer but had no clue that he was into what he termed, “criminal sexual predation."

George Clooney also expressed his disbelief after the story broke. He also added that Weinstein told him about affairs he had with a few Hollywood stars. However, the actor stated that he also found the concept of being a sexual predator revolting. Weinstein had admitted his inappropriate behavior, but his spokesperson vehemently denied the claim.

Launched into stardom by Weinstein

Damon said he had worked with Weinstein on the movie "Goodwill Hunting" in 1990. He also credits the man who helped him launch his career in the movie industry. Weinstein signed the actor to a three-movie deal that catapulted his career.

Also, he admitted that the Hollywood producer was quite intimidating when he worked with him.

According to the actor, Miramax was the place to be in the 90s, even though everyone knew that Weinstein was a bully and a complicated person. However, he added that the sexual harassment of several actresses was a surprise since he had only heard of his advances toward Gwyneth Paltrow.

Paltrow, he added was treated like royalty at Miramax, and Weinstein behaved respectfully toward her in public. Clooney confirmed that sexual harassment in the film industry was a significant problem.

Is this the end of Weinstein's career?

Additionally, Clooney stated that it's tragic that people were silenced and encouraged not to publicize Weinstein's lewd behavior.

The actor later added that investigators should find the culprits who discouraged these individuals from reporting a criminal offense.

According to Damon, it was surprising that the renowned producer would indulge in such an illicit behavior, and added that he looked up to him with respect. Meanwhile, Clooney reiterated that significant changes with new measures would prevent future occurrences.