Speculation and conspiracy theories were rife after Jesus Campos “vanished” while the Security Guard was supposed to be attending a meeting with MGM representatives. Some of the alternative media speculated that the security guard was a “second shooter” in the Las Vegas shooting incident that took 58 lives and wounded around 500 more. However, the mystery has now been solved and Campos has been interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres for her Wednesday show, along with building maintenance engineer Stephen Schuck.

Ellen interviews Jesus Campos and Stephen Schuck

While speculation is still rife in the headlines about the “missing” security guard, this has promptly been cleared up after EllenDeGeneres sent a tweet on Tuesday, including an image of Campos and Schuck, seated during a pre-recorded interview with herself. She captioned the image to say the first people who encountered Stephen Paddock were in the studio, saying the episode will air on Wednesday. Schuck, the maintenance engineer, had reportedly been checking hotel doors when Paddock opened fire, but was able to get away after Campos told him to take cover.

As reported by ABC News, Campos has stated this will be his only public interview relating to the shooting.

In a brief clip from the show, the security guard was reportedly highly emotional during the interview and was regularly comforted by DeGeneres and Schuck.

Jesus Campos ‘vanished’ and reappeared

Journalists have been waiting impatiently to hear Campos give his firsthand story of the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino shooting massacre.

The security guard had been waiting with a union representative in a hotel suite, preparing for a series of televised interviews where he would tell his story, while a meeting was being held. The first interview was to be with Sean Hannity on Fox, while others would appear on ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC. However, when representatives came into the room to collect Campos for his interview, he was gone.

The president of Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America, the union representing Mandalay Bay security guards, had previously said Campos would be interviewed but said that at 2 p.m., he was no longer there. David Hickey went on to say he had contacted the other union member, who told him Campos had been taken to the Quick Care health clinic.

Hickey heard no further from Campos, telling reporters the interviews had been canceled, leading to much speculation in the media. The LA Times reports that when they requested an interview with Campos, Debra DeShong, spokeswoman for the company that owns the Mandalay Bay, told them Campos does want to tell his story, but he will do so at a “time and place of his choosing.” DeShong said that Campos asks the media to respect his privacy, adding that MGM Resorts International “could not be more proud” of the security guard.

Change to Las Vegas shooting timeline

As previously reported, Las Vegas police were claiming the security guard was shot in the leg by Stephen Paddock six minutes prior to the shooting massacre at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival. However, the timeline was changed to state that Campos was shot through the hotel door moments before Paddock launched his deadly shooting massacre.

Initially, both casino and police officials stated that officers responded immediately after Campos reported the presence of the gunman on the 32nd floor to security. However, it took 12 minutes for the first responders to arrive on the scene, which was two minutes after Paddock stopped shooting. This raised questions as to how quickly hotel security had contacted officials relating to the security guard’s report.