The Washington Times reported that Cliven Bundy, a Nevada cattleman, his sons Ammon and Ryan Bundy, as well as Ryan Payne will go to court to face trial for their involvement in the Nevada ranch standoff. Also, according to the Oregon Live news site, On Monday the defense lawyers and the state prosecutors interviewed potential jurors. Some of the questions asked were their beliefs about protests against the US government and guns.

Two supporters already found guilty

Meanwhile, two other people involved in the melee were recently found liable and charged with Obstruction Of Justice. The men pleaded guilty for their involvement in the stand-off between armed militia and federal agents who detained Cliven’s cattle in 2014.

34-Year-Old Eric J. Parker and Scott Drexler 47 both from Idaho will spend one year in federal prison and pay a $100,000 fine each. The arrest stems from promoting right wing extremists to challenge the United States government. Parker and Drexler were involved in an arm confrontation with law enforcement officials.

The men were tried on multiple charges and may spend a combined 57 years in prison if convicted. A lawyer assigned to the men argued both men, along with four other defendants, were practicing their constitutionally protected rights to rally and bear arms. Meanwhile, the state’s prosecutor reiterated that their action was an insubordination act against US government.

Even though only these two out of the six defendants were found guilty, four others won a mistrial in April when the jurors did not make a judgment against them.

A re-trial conducted in August ended with the jury finding the two men innocent on several of the charges. However, they were found guilty on other counts. The men received one count each for obstruction of justice, and were offered a deal to settle the criminal charges by the prosecutor.

Over 100 armed men threatened law officials

The incident ocurred when law officials detained 400 of Bundy’s cattle after he failed to pay money owed to the federal government. Drexler and Parker were among over 100 men armed with rifles and defending Bundy. To avoid a deadly battle, law officials retreated from the property in Bunkerville, Nevada.

Bundy, however, was later arrested along with four of his sons. The men were convicted of conspiracy and assault as well as other offenses. The case involving the United States wildlife center was held in a separate court in Portland last October. Five people, together with the Bundy brothers, received acquittal for the conspiracy charges.