Senator John McCain expressed his views on the controversy surrounding President Trump’s call to a fallen soldier’s widow. As widespread criticism dominates the United States leader's reportedly blatant disrespect, McCain stepped in to quell the storm. The Arizona Senator said there should be no fighting about a brave American Soldier, who made the ultimate sacrifice for the nation.

Seargent La David Johnson was one of four American soldiers who lost their lives during an ambush in Zaire. Rep. Frederica Wilson -- who was present when Trump called Sgt.

Johnson’s widow -- claimed he was insensitive while expressing his condolences. However, while the president vehemently denied the accusation, the soldier's widow validated Wilson’s account.

Myeshia Johnson told “Good Morning America” that Trump found it difficult to remember her husband’s name. Trump denies the accusation and stated that he said Sgt. Johnson’s name “without hesitation.”

McCain wants Trump to release more information

McCain pressured the Trump Administration regarding the ambush in Zaire. According to him, the Senate Armed Services Committee did not receive any information about the incident. McCain also spoke about the gratitude he feels after his cancer diagnosis. The GOP senator said he thanked God for every precious minute he spent in the greatest nation.

He also talked about the non-existent relationship he had with the President of the United States.

Donald Trump's twisted nationalism?

McCain denounced the “half-baked spurious nationalism,” which he said was introduced to the nation by the Trump administration. To this Trump countered that at some point, “he would fight back.” Laughing at the threat by the Republican President, the ex-prisoner of war stated that he has faced “far greater challenges.”

Reportedly, in a statement he made criticizing the rich for finding ways to dodge the draft during the Vietnam War, McCain was said to be targeting the president.

He denied that this was the case and said he was speaking within the context of the Vietnam War.

Senator McCain suggested that the current American dialogue needs further improvement. He also added that respect before dignity matters above everything else, and doing what is right is non-negotiable. Additionally, he added that people have to stop insulting each other, and instead, they have to learn to show respect.