Most of us would flee at the prospect of working for someone who openly embarrasses subordinates, suppresses them in private, requests constant praise, spends the entire day watching satellite TV, etc. Still, there is somebody who is anxious to work for President Donald Trump. Surprisingly, it's a Democrat, somebody whom Trump has criticized on Twitter as one of the most awful presidents ever.

The Democratic ex-President wants to work for Trump

Jimmy Carter overcame all odds 40 years ago to jump from his farmland to the White House, and, as fantastic as that sounds, he fought and beat a brain tumor two years ago; now, he wants to go on a peace mission.

According to the Brisbane Times, the 93-year-old wants to take another challenge, and not just a regular one this time. He would like to work with Trump on the North Korean situation. Strangely, it fits well with the fundamental nature of Jimmy Carter, who thinks that diplomatic conversation will work with tyrants.

However, the last time that happened, both nations came close to restarting the Korean War in 1994. Carter flew into Pyongyang alone despite President Bill Clinton warning him against it. Carter managed to secure an agreement with Kim Il-sung, the grandfather of the present leader, Kim Jong-un. The deal came as a huge relief to the world. Several experts then claimed the deal would end North Korea's lust for nuclear weapons, but they undermined the agreement.

Reportedly, after Carter's deal, Washington officials tried to get another nuclear agreement just four years later.

Jimmy Carter is ready to visit Kim Jong-un

So, is it time for another Carter mission that could help the U. S. President tame his most stubborn enemy? Would he be able to diffuse the highly toxic situation the world is facing with North Korea?

Drinking espresso in his farmhouse with wife Rosalynn by his side, ex-President Carter said he is ready to pay a visit to Kim Jong-un. However, he said he was terrified since he didn't know what to expect from a leader who wants to appease the enemies of the United States.

Carter also stated that the United States should not underestimate the impact that the Chinese empire has on the North Korean country.

The ex-president said he is aware of their trade relations, but reiterated that it is strange that Kim Jong-un has never been to China. According to Jimmy Carter, if he has been to China, it was done secretly.