Extreme weather is threatening over 30 million people in the Northeast. The region expects a massive line of storms with wind, rain, and flooding. The bad weather blanketing the area already damaged the Carolinas plus some parts of Virginia. Reportedly, high winds flipped aircrafts and destroyed hangers at a small airport in northwest Charlotte.

Tornadoes and storms ravishes the northeast

The National Weather Service reiterated that at least nine tornadoes should hit the Carolinas. CBS News' DeMarco Morgan stated that strong winds flipped aircrafts and piled cars on top of each other, as well as damaged two hangers at the airport on Monday.

The massive storm made airplanes fly out of radar view, and heavy winds destroyed buildings at the Hickory Airport.

According to eyewitnesses, aircrafts and several cars flew around like paper. An amateur video showed the depth of the damages caused by the intense storm with blinding rain and heavy breezes.

At an auto plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina, tractor trailers tossed around started a fire in a building. Several trees uprooted by the disaster blocked the roadways as electricity lines ripped from light poles posed the additional problem. A Spartanburg resident said it destroyed his neighbor’s roof and blew the entire deck off the back of the house.

Residents in Boon, North Carolina, reported that flash floods swamped several areas and stalled vehicles.

Amid all the destruction, Hickory Regional Airport is still operational at the moment. And while the freezing weather wreaked havoc on the region, there were no injuries or death reported.

The tornadoes ravaging the southeast is the latest disaster to hit the United States. The US government deployed the US Military to assist victims in getting things back to normal.

The extreme weather that the region experienced is only one of several occurring around the USA and its territory.

Many people lost their lives

The terrible disasters had displaced and killed many Americans. California’s wildfires destroyed several homes as they burned uncontrollably for weeks. Just about two months ago hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria devastate Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico.

The combined death count had risen to well over 60 along with numerous homes destroyed.

Puerto Rico had the most severe damages, and even a month after the hurricanes, the island is still far from being back to normal. Meanwhile, the US government reported that the recent disasters had dried up most of the cash in its coffers.