Earlier this month, four Green Berets were killed during an ambush attack in Niger, Africa. After Donald Trump's controversial response to a pregnant widow of one of the fallen soldiers, the president faced backlash, including from one host over on Fox News.

Fox News on Trump

When Donald Trump kicked off his campaign for president, the consensus was that whoever won the Republican primary would eventually go on to the general election against Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. After Trump surprised many by being nominated to represent the Republican Party, Clinton also came out the winner after a hard fought, yet controversial, victory over Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary.

Once the stage was set the general election, the Trump campaign and the right-wing media pushed the tragedy in Benghazi from September 2012 when four Americans were killed by an Islamic terrorist attack in the region. Despite the rhetoric used by Trump's team, it appears the president has his own controversy on his hands. Following the death of four American soldiers in Niger, full details have yet to be released. Trump has since received criticism for the remarks he made to Myeshia Johnson, the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson who died in the attacks. According to Florida Rep. Fredericka Wilson, Trump told Johnson during a phone call that her husband "knew what he signed up for." These issues and more were discussed during an October 19 broadcast on Fox News.

During the Thursday morning edition of " America’s Newsroom" on Fox News, fellow network host Bret Baier appeared on the show and was asked about the situation regarding the fallout of the Niger attack, and how Donald Trump has responded. "There are some people in the town that blame the media for jumping and focusing on it," Baier said.

"The president was asked about Niger and the four soldiers and why we haven’t heard what happened," he continued.

Elaborating further, Bret Baier then noted that Donald Trump appeared more focusing on what other president's did in similar situations, as opposed to handling the business at hand.

"(Trump) turned it to previous presidents and whether they called or didn’t call or reached out or didn’t reach out," Baier explained.

Not stopping there, Bret Baier then went on to put the blame at the doorstep of Donald Trump for politicizing the deaths of soldiers. "We should focus on the deaths of the soldiers and the people who served and not this process," the Fox News host said, while stating, "The president opened this door we should point out."

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While Fox News has traditionally been a political safe space for Donald Trump and other conservatives, some hosts on the network have started to speak out against the administration. In addition to Bret Baier, Shepard Smith has increased his criticism of the president, which has resulted in massive backlash from the right-leaning audience.