On Thursday, the Central News Agency of the DPRK warned about its preparation for an "unimaginable strike at an unimaginable time" to the US, the USA Today reported. North Korea has repeatedly demonstrated its disagreement with the joint naval drills between South Korea and the US in the area of the Korean Peninsula. The military drills are held every six months, but this time they attracted a more negative attitude from N. Korea after the situation on the Peninsula had intensified.

The US stated its position

According to North Korean officials, the drills can lead to a war and an "imminent catastrophic disaster." The military exercises involved naval ships, fighter jets, helicopters, submarines, and a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, Vox reported.

The drills will be finished on October 26.

For the recent months, relations between the US and the DPRK has worsened. President Donald Trump announced that he would destroy North Korea to defend the US and its allies if necessary. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un promised to tame the US with fire and conducted a nuclear test in September.

On October 18, the US officials, as well as Japanese and South Korean diplomats, met in the capital of South Korea to discuss the possible ways to contest the nuclear weapons program of North Korea.

Explaining the position of the US government, Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan noted that although diplomacy is the key point for action for the US policy, it should be ready for "any eventuality."

North Korean point of view

North Korea commented on the Trump administration's decision to evacuate US civilians from South Korea, claiming that it would “intentionally create the tension on the eve of war,” the Independent reported.

This is not the first time the DPRK has made serious threats towards the US without fulfilling them. Two months ago, Kim Jong-un reportedly was preparing to target the island Guam, but did not do it. After the UN imposed new sanctions against North Korea he said that the DPRK would destroy the US, South Korea, and Japan. The North Korean leader stated that millions of the DPRK residents volunteered to join the Korean Army to fight against the US.

Donald Trump is going on a tour of Asia in November, the New Daily News reported. Discussing the possibility that President Trump would visit the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea, some authorities stated that the visit would not be safe for Trump and would only increase tensions.