The Nevada Department of Corrections released Orenthal James Simpson on October 1, 2017, at 12:08 AM from Lovelock Correctional Center. O.J. Simpson was released on parole after nine years in prison for armed theft.

Where is he now?

O.J. Simpson's companion, Tom Scotto from Naples, Florida claimed he was with O.J. following his release from prison. Along with Scotto, O.J.'s family (his daughter and sister), attended O.J.'s parole hearing in July at Lovelock Correctional Center located in Nevada.

The good news for Simpson is that he can finally say goodbye to Lovelock Correctional Center, as he is no longer a prisoner.


Simpson revealed that it was his desire to go back to Florida where his children reside. But according to news, Florida is not welcoming him with open arms. This is because many citizens of Florida are aware of Simpson's story. Overall, the state feels that he is not welcome due to his criminal history.

In regards to his release, the former football legend was freed after doing nine years for a mishandled hotel room crime in Las Vegas.

The crime carried the guilty sentence he avoided in the murders of his ex-wife and her friend after his 1995 release. It was called the 'court action of the year' in LA.

What's next for Simpson?

Simpson, who is now 70 years old acquired his liberation after gaining parole this past July. This time he will endure constraints unlike twenty-two years ago.

To be precise, up to five years of parole watch and it will be unlikely that he will be free of an investigation. There will also be specific rules that he will have to follow. So although he is free from prison life will not be easy for him. He is the man who transformed from being a mesmerizing football star, movie star and TV star, into a questionable murderer and condemned loaded thief.

Back to life

It's terrible how someone's life can go from good to bad in a flash. So how does Simpson want to move on? Well, he is hoping to reconnect with his loved ones that live in Florida. He also wants to get an iPhone and get familiarized once again with the world of technology. This was on his to-do-list when he was put in prison in 2008.

Living conditions and family

According to reports, Simpson lost his house that was close to Miami, because of repossession in 2012. Nonetheless, Justin and Sidney, his two children reside in Florida.

In terms of his living conditions, he could for the time being live in Las Vegas. Apparently, a friend allowed Simpson to use his living space for five weeks during his theft case. If he is lucky, his five years of release watch might be decreased depending on his behavior. If his behavior remains in good standing this could work in his favor.