In recent months, the future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (Daca) program has been called into question. The Trump administration has already demonstrated a hardline stance toward immigration policy. Yet the precise future of DACA remains uncertain, as no official word has yet come from the President as to what specific action may be taken.

Confusing Contradictions

In March, CNN reported on a father being taken by ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) agents as he dropped his daughter off at school. That man was one of many undocumented immigrants that have been detained or deported this year.

Such actions seem to suggest that the repeal of DACA must be imminent. Yet this certainty evaporates upon further investigation. The more one evaluates public statements on immigration made by the administration to-date, the more confusing things become.

The following comes from the transcription of a National Public Radio (NPR) broadcast on August 31st, 2017:

"...He could revoke the DACA participants' work permits outright or gradually phase out the program by refusing new applicants and letting the current permits expire. He could also do nothing at all and refuse to defend the program in court. And some White House officials have encouraged the president to pursue another path..."

Lack of Clarity

As you can see, the outcome appears to be up in the air.

The President’s tweets have only added to the confusion. On September 6, Trump tweeted:

This appears to contradict much of the President’s previous statements and actions regarding immigration. It’s difficult to reconcile such a tweet with an innocent father being taken away in broad daylight (Note: the incident in question occurred before DACA being rescinded, and is not directly related.

It's cited here to illustrate the general attitude of the White House).

To be sure, the White House has emphasized that only those with criminal records would be detained or deported.

Yet in the case mentioned, the individual only had two previous criminal offenses, according to CNN. Both were misdemeanors and neither of them was violent or drug-related. There have been additional reports of people with little to no criminal history being detained. Will those who no longer have rights under DACA soon face deportation also?

All in all, there’s no telling where all this is headed, despite the flak the White House has taken for its actions so far. Most might assume that DACA stands no chance. Yet these things are not always as predictable as they seem. Even the immigration views of average Americans are more complex than you’d think.