It was just last week when the White House announced that Donald Trump was taking steps to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (Daca) program, while giving Congress a limited window of six months to make changes. In response, the president was hit with heavy backlash, which resulted in former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura to speak out in length.

Ventura slams Trump

Donald Trump's candidacy for president took many by surprise, especially once his started to gain in popularity during the Republican primary. Trump ran as a conservative, but his views didn't always line up with Republican tradition, which didn't sit well with higher ups in the party.

With the former host of "The Apprentice" causing a divide in the GOP, many thought that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would be able to ride in and win the presidential election last November, but Trump was able to weather the storm and walk out the winner instead. During this time, former Minnesota governor and Jack of all trades Jesse Ventura applauded Trump, not for his political views, but rather for how he helped shake up the GOP. Despite this, Ventura gave his support to Jill Stein of the Green Party, continuing his tradition of not voting for one of the two major political parties. In the months that Trump has been in office, Ventura has remained mostly silent, but went off on the president in a September 8 Facebook post regarding DACA.

DACA, which allows children brought to the United States illegally by their parents to stay in the country if they are get an education, obtain a work visa, or serve in the military. For Jesse Ventura, who spends part of each year in Mexico, the former governor expressed his opposition to Trump's move. "Now that Trump has indicated he wants to cut DACA, I have to say, it’s asinine to cut," Ventura wrote.

"DACA recipients grew up in America. They are registered with our government. They’ve been submitted to extensive background checks, and they are paying income taxes," the retired Navy SEAL added.

"How does Trump’s wife feel about this?" Jesse Ventura went on to ask.

"These are children who were born here and have lived here their entire lives," he continued, before adding, "I find this action so bizarre, as it is coming from a person who married an immigrant."

Politics as usual

Jesse Ventura then went on to accuse Donald Trump of using DACA as a "bargaining chip" to get his much talked about border wall approved and completed. "I see this as a total political move," Ventura observed, while predicting "it will have to be attached to the immigration bill to get the wall built...And now the DACA program will be a bargaining chip to get that wall built." Ventura concluded by proposing the president focus more on dealing with the problems regarding climate than a border wall. Ventura will be hosting a new show on RT America titled "The World According to Jesse," starting this Friday night.