The head of the World Health Organization revoked the Appointment of Zimbabwe's president Robert Mugabe. Mugabe was appointed as the goodwill ambassador by director general Tedros Ghebreyesus, who faced criticism from world leaders and health experts. After the backlash received, Ghebreyesus decided to rescind the appointment.

The 93-year-old Mugabe faced criticism for ruining the once prosperous economy of Zimbabwe. Reportedly, he opted for expensive medical treatment abroad while the Health Care System in the country deteriorates. Mugabe was also sanctioned by the United States for human rights abuses; his poor judgment doesn't make him the ideal candidate for the Goodwill Ambassador role.

Widespread criticism of Mugabe's appointment.

The U.S. had termed his appointment as Goodwill Ambassador unfortunate. The State Department expressed its strong disapproval, as well as various health and human rights advocates. Dr. Jeremy Farrar, director of the Welcome Trust, a British Charity, said his appointment was very offensive.

The Irish health minister Simon Harris felt that the appointment was “offensive” and “bizarre.” Kenneth Roth, the head of Human Rights Watch tweeted his disapproval as well. Reportedly, twenty-four organizations, including the World Heart Federation, condemned the appointment.

An 'unconventional' choice?

Usually, the UN agency appoints celebrities as goodwill ambassadors, but this selection drew global concerns.

Notable appointments in the past included Angelina Jolie and Malala Yousufzai. Reportedly, this honor is given to individuals with considerable influence in the world. Also, the personal and professional conduct of the nominees is taken into consideration as well. But, these appointments do not go through an approval process.

And while the position is ceremonial, there is no power vested to the ambassadors. They can also be stripped of the role like the comic book heroine Wonder Woman, who lost her position as Honorary Ambassador of the UN. The organization declared that a scantily dressed and violent woman was not the ideal role model for little girls.

There is no word yet from the Zimbabwe government that had hailed the recent appointment. Reportedly Mugabe created policies that led to the collapse of the nation’s health care system. Also, Mugabe’s decisions had negatively impacted the standard of living of his people in the most unprecedented way.