ABC's Good Morning America conducted an exclusive interview on Monday with Myeisha Johnson, widow of US Army Sgt. La David Johnson, whose death received alleged ill-compassionate comments from President Donald trump last week. Johnson was one of four soldiers killed in Niger earlier this month; the details of how he was killed are still unclear.

Myeisha said she was told on October 4 her husband was missing. A couple days later his status went from missing to killed in action. She said the details of how and where her husband was killed are unclear.

"I don’t know how he got killed, where he got killed or anything," Myeisha said during the interview. "I don’t know that part they never told me and that’s what I’ve been trying to find out since day one, since October 4th."

Myeisha said she is confident she will receive the answers she needs if she keeps pushing for them.

Trump's response

Myeisha said she and her family were driving to obtain her husband's body when she received a call from Trump. The phone was put on speaker so family members could listen.

"He [Trump] said, 'He [Johnson] knew what he signed up for, but it still hurts anyway,'" Myeisha said. "It made me cry because I was really angry at the tone of his voice. He couldn't remember my husband's name."

Myeisha said the only way Trump remembered her husband's name was via her husband's report, which Trump told her was in front of him.

Trump responded to these accusations on Twitter Monday morning. He said he a respectful conversation with Myeisha and said Johnson's name from the beginning without hesitation.


Frederica Wilson, who was in the car with Myeisha when Trump called, said Trump's remarks were insensitive. Trump has since called Wilson's comments fabricated. During the interview, Myeisha said what Wilson said was not fabricated and 100 percent correct.

According to CNN, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly indicated he told Trump to say these words to the family members.

Kelly said he was upset Wilson spoke about the details of what he said was a 'sacred' conversation between Trump and the family.

Attack in Niger

According to CNN, US officials are still investigating how Johnson, Staff Sgt. Brian Black, Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright, and Staff Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson was killed in an ambush attack in Niger on October 4. Johnson's body was found a mile away from the ambush site. It is still unclear how he became separated from his team. Search and rescue members, along with Nigerian and French soldiers recovered his body 48 hours after the attack.