Chris Hansen interviewed George and Cindy Anthony for “Crime Watch Daily,” which is scheduled for broadcast on Monday. The Anthony's sit-down with host Hansen is in response to an interview Casey Anthony, their daughter, granted the Associated Press (AP) eight months ago. Their 31-year-old estranged daughter previously stated that she sleeps “pretty good at night,” according to the Daily Mail (UK).

In 2011, Casey Anthony was acquitted following her high-profile, six-week trial for first-degree murder and manslaughter charges. Nancy Grace, now host of “CrimeOnline, dubbed Anthony “tot mom” during Anthony’s trial – accused of killing her toddler daughter Caylee.

According to the AP, Grace also stated that Anthony was the “most hated” mother in the United States.

Mother claims daughter doesn’t ‘always remember’ when having seizures

In the upcoming interview, mother Cindy discusses her daughter’s grand mal seizures, a topic that was also broached with Dr. Phil McGraw in 2011, according to People. Cindy Anthony contends that her daughter doesn’t “always remember” events that happen while she’s having seizures. As well, Cheney Mason, Casey Anthony’s lawyer, made a claim earlier this year that his client blacked out following her daughter’s death.

The Anthonys’ daughter feels empathy with OJ Simpson’s ‘situation’

During her March 2017 interview, the AP noted that Casey Anthony was living with and working for private detective Patrick McKenna – reportedly the lead investigator from her legal defense team.

Additionally, McKenna worked as the lead PI for OJ Simpson, accused and acquitted of murdering his wife Nicole and Ron Goldman. Anthony told the AP that she empathized “with his situation.”

When Hansen interviewed Cindy and George Anthony, they addressed the possibility of their daughter and Simpson doing a Reality Show together.

Cindy responded, “Oh god.” She said the idea of taking legal action to disrupt a media project is something would give serious consideration. “If it came down to that,” she told Hansen that she probably would sue, according to the Daily Mail.

‘Stay away’ is father’s message to estranged daughter, didn’t ‘fall on the sword’

Meanwhile, George Anthony conveyed the only message that he has for his daughter.

He stated, “Stay away from me.” He elaborated that daughter Casey’s legal team wanted him to accept blame for his granddaughter’s death. George asserted that Casey’s attorney told him, “You need to fall on the sword.”

Mother believes Casey Anthony ‘is mentally ill’

Cindy relayed her opinion to Hansen that she thinks “Casey is mentally ill.” Her theory is one possible explanation she offered to account for how her granddaughter died, the Daily Mail reported. She also stated that her daughter “never had her seizures worked out.” As a result, Anthony thinks that Casey might have had a seizure and cannot remember what happened to her grandchild.

George Anthony asserted that if his daughter has “another child someday,” it would have to be outside of the United States, according to the Daily Mail.

He suggested that in light of her notoriety and having been accused of murdering her toddler daughter, Casey would have a child in a country that would “accept her.”

George Anthony doesn’t ‘want to see’ his daughter, has not forgiven her

Anthony said his daughter will have “a lot of explaining to do,” if she wants to resume a relationship with Cindy Anthony. As for himself, he contends, “I don’t want to see her.” George Anthony, six years following his daughter’s acquittal, hasn’t forgiven her,” the Daily Mail reported.

During the trial, Casey Anthony’s lead lawyer, Jose Baez, sought to impress the notion that George Anthony concealed his tiny granddaughter’s death. The Daily Mail reported that Cindy Anthony wants her daughter to “own up to everything and quit putting blame on everybody else.”