A SuperPAC that is supportive of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is going after Steve Bannon. The SuperPAC, Senate Leadership Fund, responded to Danny Tarkanian's tweet after he tweeted a "McConnell Replacement Pledge" and asked Sen. Dean Heller to sign it.

Tarkanian is a pro-Trump candidate who is running against Heller's Senate seat for Nevada. Tarkanian is also Steve Bannon's pick to run for Heller's US Senate seat. The pledge was to oppose McConnell as Senate Leader and to vote for someone who will pass "America First" policies.

Bannon comes in to take another senator down

In return, the SuperPAC responded to Tarkanian asking that he sign a pledge that called out Breitbart's Steve Bannon as being antisemitic. Most of the accusations of antisemitism originate around a report by the New York Daily News from last year, which had Bannon's ex-wife saying that Bannon didn't want to send their children to a school or schools that had Jewish students. Bannon's ex-wife also alleged that Bannon tried to choke her. Heller was already targeted by President Trump this year for not voting for the Republican health care bill.

McConnell and other Senate Republican leaders apparently told the White House to back off.

Last week, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) made headlines when he came out in opposition to President Donald Trump for being morally corrupt. He also took that opportunity to say that he would be leaving the Senate. Flake's decision is much like the decision that other Republican senators seem to be making, adding to the sense that there will be a great shake-up among congressional Republicans.

Bannon has taken advantage of these resignations to throw his support behind pro-Trump candidates, threatening to take over Congressional Republicans. This week, more rumors have continued to circulate that suggests Sen. Orrin Hatch is looking to retire, which has also caused Bannon to put his support behind a candidate for his seat.

McConnell SuperPAC establishes moral high ground with Republicans

So far, Bannon has made some gains with his pick, Roy Moore, winning the primary race for the US Senate seat that represents Alabama. Bannon had already infiltrated Congress with Rep. Bratt in the House of Representatives and because he was in the White House as chief strategist until being fired by Gen. John Kelly, Bannon is seen as having more clout to gain support for his candidates. Bannon has been present at many of the rallies for his candidates where he has declared war on the Republican Party for not being loyal to Trump, even targeting Mitch McConnell.

The president and CEO of the Senate Leadership Fund, Steven Law, told USA Today that Steve Bannon has said and done things that "do not play well with general election audiences and viable candidates." He suggested that support for Bannon's candidates means that that audience will be forced to drag Bannon's "baggage" around next fall. If anything, this is not only a sign of some effort being made to oppose Bannon but to also make a distinction between the moral and immoral politics within the party.