Amazon.Inc Chief executive officer Jeff Bezos plans to give competition to Elon Musk's space program to fly customers into space. Bezos founded Aerospace company Blue Origin in 2000, which intends to send humans into space in next 18 months, Fortune reported. On Thursday, former Honeywell executive and the company's CEO Bob Smith said at the meeting of the National Space Council that he would send citizens, not astronauts.

On Thursday, Mike Pence and several White House officials met space executives for the first time at the National Space Council after it had been disbanded in 1993, CNN Money reported.

Pence said that the U.S. will focus toward the exploration of humanity and the discovery of outer space.

What are the plans of Blue Origin?

Previously, Blue Origin announced that it would test commercial flights in 2017, and it also intended to begin its service to take customers to space in 2018. Later, Bob Smith said that the company would not be ready to begin those flights until the following year. He also added that "we will fly humans when we're ready, and not a moment sooner."

Stargazers would be able to enjoy the space journey paying lots of cash. It is not clear how much money people would have to spend for the 11-minute ride. But, it is clear that the revenue it will generate from the selling of tickets should be enough to provide help in funding the future expenditure of the company, such as launching satellites into space.

A spaceflight company Virgin Galactic signed 640 customers for suborbital spaceflights, for which they paid $200,000, but ticket cost raised to $250,000 in 2013, according to Fortune.

Blue Origin Vs SpaceX

Tesla owner Elon Musk and SpaceX planned to send two passengers around the moon in 2018. Recently, Musk has revealed its new concept to fly anywhere in the world.

He said that SpaceX rocket would be capable of taking people from one place to another within an hour. He added that he would start working on his new project in the following six to nine months.

Blue Origin wants to conduct the spacecraft launches to the edge of space which could provide a weightlessness experience to the passengers.

But the company has not conducted any manned test launches yet, only one unmanned test of its New Shepherd rocket, according to CNN Money.

In April, Jeff Bezos said that he invested $1 billion to the stock of Blue Origin from his shares of Amazon. By 2020, the company will launch its most powerful rocket, New Glenn, Bezos said.