Angelina Jolie reportedly revealed last month that she will take a break from director’s chair to focus once more on her acting career. It can be recalled that the last update fans had from the veteran actress is “Maleficent 2” as it's already lined up for her future projects.

According to Cinema Blend, aside from the Disney film, Angelina Jolie has another interesting project coming up. The 42-year-old will be joining another Disney movie titled, “The one and only Ivan.” Jolie is set to connect to the world of children’s fiction as she becomes one of the film’s voice actors.

The report revealed that she will take the role of an elephant named Stella.

What is the movie all about?

The one and only Ivan” focuses on the story of elephant Stella, a dog named Bob, and a gorilla called Ivan. They all reside in a place called the Big Top Mall. The story proceeds as a baby elephant named Ruby enters the fold and Ivan will be the one to protect her from abusive and harmful events happening in the Big Top Mall. Moreover, “The one and only Ivan” is also a Newbery medal winner and it depicts the remarkable exit of K.A. Applegate from the norm. Patricia Castelao is the one who will illustrate the film.

Aside from the earlier mentioned soon-to-be movie piece, Applegate is also famous for her work on several book series such as “Animorphs,” “Remnants,” and “Everworld.” It seems like Angelina Jolie is careful in choosing her next projects, showcasing the desire to delve deeper into more unique genres.

Who is Stella?

Cinema Blend reports that Stella is a character that has a long memory. In compared to Ivan, she can remember her life before entering the Big Top Mall. Stella was described as someone who dreams of a better life in the zoo, not only for herself but her friends too.

Moreover, the development for “The one and only Ivan” started in 2014 and the project came swiftly to Disney last spring.

With Mrs. Smith on board as one of the voice actors and producers, it seems like the project has been speeding up since. Thea Sharrock, known for her work in “Me Before You,” is set to be the upcoming film’s director.

Prior to “TOOI,” “A Wrinkle in Time” was the first book adapted into a movie on Disney. Allison Shearmur will work alongside Jolie as the film’s producer.

Shearmur’s previous credits include Disney live-action film “Cinderella” and “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” Furthermore, “The one and only Ivan” is continuously casting roles like the janitor’s daughter who will save Ivan and Stella from their misery in Big Top Mall, The Hollywood Reporter cited.