It happened at a slaughterhouse on Fourth Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn on Tuesday after a rogue calf made a daring escape, running on to the Prospect Expressway and heading for Prospect Park. While determined to survive, the animal caused all kinds of chaos along the way, leading to police bringing him down with a tranquilizer gun.

The NYPD first blocked a section of Caton Avenue in Brooklyn to capture the rogue bull, upsetting drivers and causing massive traffic jams. As reported by CBS News, along its way, the calf collided with a mother and child on Parkside Avenue, knocking over the one-year-old child, who received a black eye.

Then the fun moved along to Prospect Park, where the calf caused a little havoc on a soccer field.

Rogue bull calf heads to Prospect Park

Twitter was alive with reports about the rogue calf with images and videos popping up. Boro Park News tweeted an image of the errant bovine as he bolted under an overpass.

As the escapee headed towards Prospect Park, ABC7NY tweeted an aerial image of the calf.

Errant calf brought under control

On arrival in the park at around 1:30 p.m., the NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit was deployed, with around six officials closing in on the rogue calf and four helicopters hovering overhead.

Officers managed to shoot the calf with a tranquilizer pistol. However while trying to wrangle the critter into a horse trailer, he gave one final fight for freedom. One female police officer was knocked down by the calf as it crashed into a soccer net, but she said she wasn’t injured and that only her pride was hurt by the incident.

By this time around 200 people had reportedly gathered to watch the unusual sight of a calf being wrangled in a public park. Videos taken from the air showed the calf looking very confused in the middle of the soccer field.

The New York Post quotes Yvonne Felix 42, a resident in Brooklyn, as saying the poor calf didn’t know what to do, adding that the cops didn’t either.

She said they needed a cowboy.

Reportedly if an animal escapes from a slaughterhouse, it is automatically allowed to live. According to officials, the young bull will now head to Skylands Animal Sanctuary in Wantage, New Jersey.

Twitter lights up with news of the escaped calf

As noted by the Tampa Bay Times, Twitter naturally had a lot of fun over the story, under the hashtag #BrooklynCow. The rogue calf even achieved his own Brooklyn Cow Twitter handle of @BrooklynBovine. In one tweet he wanted to know if cronuts were still a “thing.”

In another, Brooklyn Cow went on to send a message to the NYPD and the media to say he’d rather die than be “moooved” to a New Jersey sanctuary.

He apparently didn’t fancy Staten Island either.

While others made their own tweets about the relief from the more usual tensions these days on Twitter.