On Tuesday, President Donald Trump declared that the US is ready to stop North Korean nuclear programs through a devastating military option, Bloomberg reported. During a joint news conference at the White House with the prime minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy, he also asked other countries to work together to stop N. Korea's actions.

The DPRK has conducted several missile tests. Earlier this month, it has successfully tested its sixth powerful nuclear test and threatened to conduct its next nuclear test in the Pacific ocean.

Trump put sanctions on the banks

Recently, Trump imposed sanctions on the banks, institutions, and companies which were providing trading aide to North Korea. He applauded China and thanked president Xi Jinping for putting restrictions on its banks which were proving fund to North Korea and also requested the United Nations to enforce new sanctions against Kim Jong-un's regime.

On Tuesday, the US Treasury Department has increased the pressure on North Korea by imposing new sanctions on the financial firms and banks tied up with the isolated nation and cut the financial support to the country for its missile and nuclear programs. The department targeted eight banks of North Korea and 26 individuals' links to the financial networks of the regime who work in China, Russia, UAE, and Libya for the country, CNBC reported.

Trump and North Korean foreign minister threatened each other

On Monday, the foreign minister of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), Ri Yong-ho said that North Korea has the rights to shoot down the US bombers even if they are outside its airspace. He responded to Trump's last week tweet, saying that North Korean leaders "won’t be around much longer".

He said that the US declared war on his country but the White House Press secretary Sarah Sanders opposed his statement and called it absurd.

At the UN General Assembly, Trump addressed that the US would destroy North Korea if it continues its nuclear programs and threatened the US. He called Kim Jong-un "a little Rocket Man" and said he is on a suicide mission.

Kim in a statement said Trump is "a mentally deranged".

On Monday, Trump's National Security Adviser, H.R. McCaster said in a speech hosted by the Institute for the Study of War that the White House checked four or five scenarios to resolve North Korea's threat. He said," some are uglier than others." He also added military strike cannot resolve the issue.