President Trump's team members used private email accounts for discussing work issues and other official duties, The New York Times reported. White House officials stated that six or possibly more members of the Trump administration used both government and personal email addresses for working communication.

Which of the officials used personal emails?

On Sunday, an issue arose in the news that Donald Trump son-in-law, Jared Kushner, used a private email account for work-related emails for more than half a year. Jared is the husband of Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump, as well as being the senior advisor to the president.

It was revealed that the former chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon and the former chief of staff Reince Priebus, also used private email for the government business from time to time. Gary D. Cohn and Stephen Miller, as well as other White House officials, sent some emails through their own accounts. Ivanka Trump also had been using her personal account for several months.

Although it is legal for the Trump administration to use their personal email accounts, they should forward all the information and other records to their government accounts to preserve them, according to the federal law. The Office of the White House Counsel reminds the White House officials that it is necessary to forward any personal emails to their government accounts in accordance with the Presidential Records Act, CNN reported.

Trump criticized Clinton

President Trump had been continuously criticizing Hillary Clinton for using a personal email server during their presidential race in 2016. He depicted Clinton as an untrustworthy candidate. Trump claimed that “We must not let her take her criminal scheme into the Oval Office.” The FBI investigated Clinton's email handling.

The issue of using private email accounts by the members of the Trump administration raised many questions in Congress. A vice chairman of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington Richard W. Painter said that “I think Kushner was sloppy to do this,” the New York Times reported. He also added that “I think Hillary was sloppy.

I don’t think any of it was criminal.”

Representative Trey Gowdy, who openly criticized Hillary Clinton for using the personal email account in her work, sent a letter to federal agencies and the White House to ask about the personal email use by the Trump team.