Donald Trump addressed a crowd in Indiana on Wednesday where the focus of his speech was on tax reform. Before getting into the details, the president spoke about Hurricane Maria's impact on Puerto Rico, but his message didn't go over well on social media.

Trump on Puerto Rico

It was just last week when Hurricane Maria devastated much of Puerto Rico, leaving most of the island without power as the death toll continues to climb. One of the main dams is on the brink of collapse, with experts saying it could be "apocalyptic" if it fails. Thousands have been forced to evacuate, with many unable to reach their love ones because of a lack of power.

Due to his ongoing feud with the National Football League (NFL) over whether or not players should be allowed to protest the national anthem, Donald Trump was slow in responding the hurricane. On Monday night, Trump took to Twitter to offer his thoughts, but came under fire when he made sure to point out the "massive debt" that Puerto Rico owes the United States and Wall Street. In addition, Trump was criticized again for not being willing to wave the "Jones Act," a decades-old law that prevents domestic shipping to U.S. made, owned, and staffed boats. As reported by NBC News on September 27, the president addressed the issue in Indiana.

While speaking to a crowd in Indiana to discuss his upcoming plans for tax reform, Donald Trump gave his thoughts about the hurricane impact in Puerto Rico.

"It is truly catastrophic what happened in Puerto Rico" Trump said. "We are with you now...and we will be there every step of the way," the president went on to add. Trump then announced that he would be traveling to the island to get a better assessment of what took place, before noting that "massive amounts of water, food, and supplies are being delivered on an hourly basis."

Twitter reacts

Not long after Donald Trump made his comments, critics on social media were quick to give their thoughts, with many not buying into the president's sympathy.

"I'm beginning to think that Trump knows the pee tape is hidden in Puerto Rico and he doesn't want it found in the recovery efforts," one tweet read.

"A bit late to the party," another Twitter user pointed out.

"Then let other ships come help!" a tweet noted. "He says from behind a podium to his crazy ass base while the people in PR are wading through poop infested water and have no electricity," yet another social media user stated.

"In minutes..talks about himself!! I just can't believe his lies!" one critic said about the president's speech.

"Lift the Jones Act and then they might believe you haven't abandoned them," a tweet read. As the backlash continued to pour in, the political divide in the United States between the left and right doesn't look to be ending anytime soon.