After nine months in the White House, Donald Trump is having a bumpy road that has been reflective in his poor favorability rating with the American people. After his latest push to repeal Obamacare failed, and his preferred candidate in the Alabama Senate run-off election lost, the president is not doing a good job in handling the aftermath.

Trump and McCain

When Donald Trump kicked off his campaign for president just over two years ago, the consensus was that his candidacy was nothing more than a joke and an attempt to boost ratings for his reality show.

Despite this, the former host of "The Apprentice" picked up steam and shocked the world by not winning the Republican primary, but also the general election over Hillary Clinton. While Trump vowed to turn Washington on its head, the billionaire real estate mogul has had little to no success in keeping those promises. Over the last week, Republicans have once again failed to repeal and replace Obamacare, much to the chagrin of the president. One of the biggest road blocks came in the form of Arizona Sen. John McCain, who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer, when he announced he would vote "No" on the GOP Health Care Bill. In addition, Trump reportedly blames Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for his inability to get his fellow senators on the same page.

According to a report by Axios, and later Mediaite, on September 27, Trump has taken to mocking both men in private as way to vent his frustration.

It's no secret that Donald Trump and John McCain aren't on the same page, which dates back to the early days of the 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump claimed McCain was "not a war hero" because he was captured and turned into a POW during the Vietnam War. The rift between both men continued this week after the senator refused to support the GOP bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. In a report by Axios, Trump has reportedly been physically mocking McCain and Mitch McConnell.

Donald Trump's been reportedly poking fun at Mitch McConnell due to his "slumped shoulders" and "lethargic body language," while mimicking John McCain by "imitating the thumbs down of his historic health-care vote." Trump has been hitting McCain hard over the last week to the cheers of his supporters, which prompted MSNBC host Joe Scarborough to lash out, calling on the president's base to "have some respect" for the "dying" senator.

Moving forward

In addition to his beef with John McCain and Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump is also reportedly "pissed" and "embarrassed" that the candidate he endorsed in the GOP run-off election in Alabama, Luther Strange, lost easily to Roy Moore. As the pressure continues to mount on the commander in chief, only time will tell if he's able to bounce back.