Just two weeks after Hurricane Harvey devastated parts of Texas, yet another storm is making its way to the southern part of the United States. As Florida braces for Hurricane Irma, Donald Trump decided to comment on social media.

Trump on Irma

When Hurricane Harvey touched down in Texas, hitting the city of Houston worst of all, it was the first test for Donald Trump his administration to deal with a major storm. Hurricane Harvey was labeled a Category 4, rushing into the Lone Star State with winds up to 130 mph. The storm was responsible for dozens of deaths, while leaving thousands displaced as many fled their homes for safer grounds.

Trump commented on the situation on numerous occasions on social media, though critics didn't take kindly to how the president reacted to the storm as if it was a celebratory event. Trump first stopped in the state just days after the storm hit, but was met with heavy criticism for holding a campaign-style event. The president and First Lady Melania Trump returned to Texas the following weekend, making their way to Houston where the majority of the damage took place. With Hurricane Irma just days away from making landfall, the five remaining former president have put together a fund for hurricane relief, which Trump mentioned during a September 7 tweet.

Taking to his Twitter account on Thursday night, Donald Trump addressed the issue of yet another hurricane, before noting that he stands with the other presidents in working together to provide relief.

"We will confront ANY challenge, no matter how strong the winds or high the water. I’m proud to stand with Presidents for #OneAmericaAppeal," Trump tweeted. Former presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, and George H.W. Bush have all come together to help those in the aftermath of hurricane damage.

Twitter reacts

Not long after Donald Trump expressed his support for the "One America Appeal" put together by the five living presidents, critics of the former host of "The Apprentice" were quick to lash out on Twitter.

"The only other five living Presidents got together, didn't want you there, and you were so embarrassed you felt compelled to tweet 'me too,'" Alex Zalben tweeted.

"Surely they don't want your company," another Twitter user wrote, before adding, "It's like being forced to take your misbehaving little brother to the mall." "Are you hurt that they did the video without you. Maybe if you did anything normally they would have invited you," an additional tweet noted.

"Strange, I've watched the #OneAmericaAppeal video several times, and I just don't see you. Were you standing behind a Wall?" yet another tweet added. As the backlash continued, it was clear that the opposition to Donald Trump was not going to end anytime soon.