Hillary Clinton will be making her first post-election TV interview soon with Jane Pauley of CBS. The network successfully fought off other news channels to book the interview, which will be about her new book “What Happened.”

Clinton’s first post-election TV interview

Variety reports that Jane Pauley will be asking Hillary Clinton mainly about her book, which chronicles her surprising defeat in last year’s presidential election. Apart from that, Pauley and Clinton will also be talking about the Russian hacking issue, her life after the election and her thoughts on Trump’s actions since ascending to power.

While Jane Pauley will be doing her first post-election TV interview, Hillary Clinton has done countless print interviews since November. She also had an interview with CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour back in May at a women’s conference.

Clinton slams Bernie Sanders, James Comey

The interview scheduled between Hillary Clinton and Jane Pauley may have been booked to address the media circus that has been caused by the leak of some pages in her book. The leaks were uploaded on the Twitter account @hillarywarnedus.

One of the most striking excerpts from the leaks so far was her criticism of Bernie Sanders. She wrote that her policies and Sanders’ are not much different and so to gain a competitive edge, he “had to resort to innuendo and impugning my character.”

He blamed the Sanders campaign for causing lasting damage to her reputation, which could have been the reason for her loss.

She also criticized Sanders for promising too much to voters, even when they were not realistic. She cited as the reason why it was difficult to unite progressives under a single banner during the election.

Some Sanders supporters also draw the ire of Hillary Clinton. She said that her supporters were maligned in a “sexist” manner in the lead up to the Democratic Party primary, even when Bernie himself admitted he is not a Democrat.

However, she was told by her team to not alienate his supporters as they would have been key to her win.

Besides that, Clinton reserved her venom for former FBI director James Comey. Comey infamously released a letter just days before the election day, which said that he was looking more into her previously-debunked private server issue.

What Happened” by Hillary Clinton will be released by Simon & Schuster on bookstore and online platforms starting Tuesday, September 12.