A blast rocked a commuter train in London Friday morning, sending blistering smoke and fire into the air, and injuring at least 22 passengers. It sent many into a panic while trying to exit the train. The explosion occurred at 8:20 a.m. (3:20 a.m. ET) on a busy commuter rail leaving the Parsons Green station in South London.

At a press conference, Assistant Police Commissioner and top counter-terrorism official, Mark Rowley, called it a “detonation of an ‘Improvised Explosive Device.’” He urged anyone that had witnessed the event and/or obtained video or images during the ordeal, to please come forward and make a statement.

Terrorism in London, injuries not serious or life-threatening

Terrorism has become such a paramount issue in London that authorities have become very efficient at handling terrorist attacks. They acted swiftly and decisively, flooding the area with emergency responders. At least one hundred officers immediately began scouring the area for evidence.

Of the 22 people hospitalized, several were injured in the panic by passengers attempting to flee the situation. Since no one had life-threatening or serious injuries, hospital staff took to referring to them as walking wounded.

A hairdresser from the area that was riding the train at the time of the attack said that she was talking on her phone when she heard the loud blast and felt the heat on her face.

She said that she attempted to escape, but that the doors were clogged with others trying to do the same.

Adam Davis, a student, claimed to be in the car when the improvised bomb exploded. He stated that he had headphones on and had felt a vibration followed by a blast of hot air. He then looked down and saw flames throughout the train car.

The exit was clogged with people who were attempting to escape. Davis said, “It was like a stampede.”

Encouraging words from Prime Minister Theresa May and London Mayor Sadiq Kahn

This was the fifth major Terrorist Attack to rock The United Kingdom this year. The incident quickly restored previously held concerns that terrorists might be targeting the underground train, which local residents refer to as, "The Tube." Prime Minister Theresa May quickly called a meeting of Cobra, an emergency committee established by the government, for later in the afternoon.

The foreign secretary urged people to remain calm.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Kahn, issued a scathing statement on Facebook saying that London condemns the hideous attack, but added that London has proven time and again that they, “will never be intimidated or defeated by terrorism.”

Donald Trump chimed in and referred to the perpetrator as a “loser terrorist,” adding that Scotland Yard had been watching many “sick and demented people.” He did not, however, elaborate any further as to what he meant by that.

The Metropolitan Police tweeted that Londoners could expect a strong police presence over the weekend, especially in crowded places.