SpaceX and Tesla are leading companies that are innovating and improving living conditions. Elon Musk has been behind the creation of these companies, but both tech firms have much more in common. Engineers at Tesla had a challenge a short time ago with its cars, thus, they decided to call the rocket scientists from SpaceX.

The scientists suggested using ultrasound sensors to solve the problem related to the materials used in the production process. This meant a saving of 8 hours per car, which is a huge amount of time for a company that wants to produce on a massive scale.

Rockets and electric cars seem to have little in common, but these companies share the same CEO. There are other areas of cooperation too, they share the right materials, software, and even talented executives. This is an era of development where intelligence and cooperation go hand in hand.

Knowledge has no limits

Elon Musk has stated that there is no point in merging Tesla with SpaceX, the first one makes electric cars and the second one is in the space industry. Anyway, they cooperate in many areas, and one of them is the aluminum casting fix that is used in the cars made by Tesla. This is an example on how they share brain power. Elon Musk has called this: Cross-fertilization of knowledge.

Great challenges

SpaceX and Tesla have great challenges ahead, they want to make what many people think is impossible. SpaceX wants to send people to Mars and Tesla wants to make money by producing electric vehicles. Both companies attract a very skilled workforce, Tesla has more than 33,000 employees and SpaceX has 6,000, that work with top technologies.

Both companies also share an advantage, they don't have to compete against each other. This makes cooperation much easier.

Materials and more in common

Both companies need special materials to get their goals, thus, they have to cooperate. Charles Kuehmann works as vice president of materials engineering in both firms, he joined the companies in 2015, after leaving Apple.

The teams of both companies always discuss all that is related to materials, executives of SpaceX have visited the car plant of Tesla in Fremont, California. Both companies also share huge amounts of information, ranging from the distances traveled on Autopilot to rocket technology. They have developed a computer system that supplies key information. SpaceX and Tesla cooperate in materials, engineering, software, and other areas, but it will increase much more in the future.