Christians are the majority of the US population at almost 70 percent, but white Christians have become just 43 percent. This change has taken place because of many factors, among them we have the drop in the membership and the massive immigration. Many people have left the Presbyterian and Lutheran churches that have been composed mainly of white Christians. The population of white evangelicals has also fallen in the US from 23 percent a decade ago to just 17 percent today. The Southern Baptists Convention has seen a reduction in its number of members to 15.2 million, this is the lowest level since 1990.

This is the largest Protestant group in the United States. The statistics give a lot of information on religious affiliation in America.

The survey was conducted among 100 thousand people

This survey was conducted for one year and showed that the Protestant population in America had become a minority in a certain moment around 2008. The poll was conducted among 100 thousand people, it also made observations on race and religion. The poll could see growth among Latino Christians and stability in the population of African-American Christians in the US. There were also observations on the religious beliefs of Democrats and Republicans.

White evangelicals are strong among Republicans

The survey showed information on the Republicans in the United States, more than the third part of them are white evangelicals, and almost 75 percent are white Christians.

There is a big gap with the population of Democrats, where white Christians have fallen to 29 percent today. They were half of the population of Democrats a decade ago. As we can see, Christians are declining populations in both political parties.

The Christian faith is in crisis

The statistics show that the Christian population is losing power in the US, especially among conservative groups like the evangelicals.

They are worried by the growth of same-sex marriage and also by the growing US population that has no faith at all. About 25 percent of the Americans have no religious affiliation. The Christian faith is in crisis in America.

Donald Trump sides with Christians

The US President, Donald Trump, promised to protect the religious freedom of Christians.

No surprise that most white evangelicals like Trump, about 80 percent of them voted for him. White evangelicals are among the strongest supporters of the US President. Christianism has been the main religion in the history of America.