GM, BMW, Renault and other companies have produced a great number of cars. These companies have created many jobs and they have paid taxes. The negative side is that Western countries had to import a lot of oil. The US has increased its oil production the last years, but it keeps importing oil. Tesla cars could revolutionize all this, not in the next 3 or 4 years, but it could happen in 20 years. When the computers were created, they were used by a very small number of institutions, and people. Today, they have become products of massive consumption.

The same has happened with mobile phones, TV sets, and other products. Tesla vehicles won't be the exception, even more, they are part of something that is inherent to mankind: Evolution.

U.S, Western Europe can save money

The Western World will benefit a lot with the tech developments made by Tesla. They will be able to reduce the oil imports considerably, this will be a blessing for a Europe that has been hit by the recession. The US will be able to become even stronger than it is, its trade deficit will fall considerably. America and Western Europe have strong reasons to love Elon Musk, he is a hero for their economies.

Tesla vehicles will shake a lot of nations

Why is it that Saudi Arabia is far richer than countries like Yemen or Egypt?

The answer is very simple: Oil. Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, and other Arab countries have made a lot of money with oil. They have been able to buy a lot of expensive foreign products, and attract a lot of immigrants that make the hardest jobs. Once that the price of oil falls, all the countries that didn't diversify their economies will suffer.

A new economic reality

The economy of Venezuela is devastated because of Socialism, and the other reason is that it depends too much on oil. All the countries where oil is 70% or 80% of the exports will see a drastic reduction of their incomes. Their currencies will become cheaper, the average income of their workers will fall considerably.

The governments won't be able to subsidize the local population, thus, it will create political changes.

Traditional companies will be shaken

Who is interested in buying a typing machine? Just the people who love relics, most people will favor a computer. The same is going to happen with cars, so, all the manufacturing giants that don't innovate will become history or will have very reduced market quotas. The value of their stocks will fall drastically. Clearly, great changes are coming.