The latest ballistic missile launched by North Korea on Friday suggests that the new UN sanctions had little effect on the communist regime. With Kim Jong-un’s continued defiance of the international community, President Trump and President Moon Jae-in agreed to intensify both diplomatic and economic pressure on the North.

A decisive move by the US and South Korea

The United States government deemed Kim Jong-un’s communist regime to be a foreign policy headache because of its continued missile and nuclear tests, Reuters reported. Now the Trump administration is reconsidering a military plan in case the tensions in the Korean peninsula escalate

President Donald Trump said that The United States government and its allied countries would not be threatened by the provocation of North Korea.

Both Moon and Trump condemned the North’s latest ballistic missile test. The two leaders vowed to closely work with the United Nations Security Council in imposing much stronger and more effective sanctions against Kim’s communist regime, CNN reported.

According to Park Soo-hyun, the presidential spokesman of South Korea, the North’s continued provocations will only cut off its economic and diplomatic ties with other countries. If this happens, Kim Jong-un’s communist regime will inevitably collapse.

Is it high time to use military force?

The issue of using military force to counter the development of nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles in North Korea was once again brought to the table by the Trump administration.

This followed the latest missile launch by Kim’s communist regime.

According to CCN, the North’s leader told Pyongyang’s top ranking officials that their nation’s goal is the creation of the equilibrium of real force with the United States. Kim Jong-un also warned against talks on the military option by the Trump administration.

President Donald Trump and White House national security adviser, Herbert Raymond McMaster, said last week that military options are actually available in spite of the skepticism from experts. In August, Steve Bannon, a former White House aide, announced that there were apparently no military solutions for tensions on the Korean peninsula.

On Friday, President Donald Trump addressed the men in uniform at the Andrews Base, which is an Air Force installation outside Washington. The U.S .president affirmed that U.S. military options were already prepared in the event that they will be needed to respond to North Korean threats.